Preparing For College

One Week to go!! Getting excited now!

Thought it would be a good time to show what I’ve done to prepare for College….

First up uniform!

To help with purchasing a Tunic I was kindly given a voucher by my College that gave me 30% off their chosen supplier. Now I’m quite impatient and wanted to get everything sorted as soon as I could, so I came home and looked up a new uniform to order straight away….. Unfortunately everything I liked and/or came in my size was sold out 😦 So I went to the next best place…… Amazon!!

There. is. hundreds….. to choose from here, but its surprising how very few white Tunics there were. Well I did find one…. and this is it…..

College Tunic from Amazon

College Tunic


I love the tear drop detail and its a very flattering shape when on.

It was a very good price also £19.89 plus £1.95P&P.

The reviews do say its slightly see-through, I must say I didn’t find it extremely offensive but i do plan on wearing a vest top underneath especially with the cold winter nights coming in, I may have a different view come next summer though…..



If you also like it you can find it here;

Next up equipment!

Now this was easy, all i had to do was send off a form from College to Ellisons the beauty suppliers (with payment of course) and wait for presents Yipee!! And for £25 I received all this!!!

College Equipment from Ellisons

College Equipment from Ellisons








Now this is just my Manicure Kit, I’ve also received my Acrylic and Gel kits, but more on those later on in the term. For now we are concentrating on Manicures so next week this is all I’ll need 🙂

Finally, Writing Materials!

I knew exactly what I wanted in terms of a Folder and an open one wasn’t it. Coming from a corporate workplace everyone walks around with those fancy Zip-up Folios and that was exactly what i wanted. Except black was not an option, I was definitely after a pink one!!

First stop was Staples, and I found exactly what I was looking for…. except for the price…. £30!! Eek Shocking! So off I went back to my faithful friend Amazon, this time knowing exactly what to punch into the search box. I then ordered this gorgeous Collins pink ring-binder folio at a cost of £12 and no P&P!! Bonus!

Collins Pink Ringbinder Folio

Collins Pink Ringbinder Folio










Collins Pink Ring Binder Folio

Collins Pink Ring Binder Folio








Included with the Folio was also a notepad, so this is definitely worth the money, I’ve just added my own clear plastic wallets and pens. You can’t quite see it in this picture but at the front is also 2 pockets  to hold A4 sized documents. I’m sooooo pleased with this even more so as its in my favorite color!

So, that’s everything to get me started. I hope you have found this useful if you are about to attend the course of your dreams and I’ll be back very soon to talk about my first evening at College!!


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