College – Week 2

I have to start of by saying Week 2 was actually last Wednesday – 24th September, but I’m currently recovering from a viral infection so have been a bit behind on most things college related. 😦

Getting to know you

Anyway, back to it! Week 2 was quite fun really. The majority was made up of getting to know personal details about other students in the class. I love this! Talking and getting to know people, everyone has a story to tell and I love hearing about peoples stories. History was always my favourite subject at school and coming from a huge extended family, being around people is something I love too.

So, some interesting facts about my fellow students

  • 2 are sisters! Not too shocking you think, but no one knew until it came up in the quiz!
  • 1 girl is half-Italian from her mother’s side
  • 1 has been on TV and had the whole show dedicated to her!
  • Another is married to a man 13 years older than her
  • Quite a few want to be married with children in 5 years time – I myself hope to be competing and have my own saloon
  • 2 others are in day time training, 1 in Childcare and the other in Accounting. The accountant is really interesting as she is new to the area and decided the best way to meet new people was to take a course in something and nails it was!

So a wide variation of people on my course, they all are really lovely and being a group of only 10, I’m sure we will get to know each other really well over the next 24 weeks.

Massage & Treatments

The Educational part of my lesson was Massage & Treatments. So as well as learning the massage routine we also had a demonstration on Paraffin Wax and Hot Gloves.

I have to say the Paraffin wax looked amazing; one of the girls was a model for the demonstration and her hands after looked liked a baby’s hand, all plump & smooth! So anyone out there with tired, worn hands, get a Paraffin wax treatment! The difference is phenomenal!

So in terms of class that was it, but as you can tell I’m still a week behind. Well…. there was actually no class this week but our home assignment was to create an Aftercare Leaflet and to carry out a minimum of 3 at home Manicures, so still a lot to do because….. Next Wednesday is Assessment! Yes week three is my manicure assessment evening, the night that will tell me if I’m competent in giving a manicure treatment. I did my first full one last night, start to finish, and really enjoyed it almost to the point I worried maybe I was doing something wrong. Typical Virgo! Well practice makes perfect so off now to do another.

Until next week…


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