College Week 3 – Manicure Assessment 1

Week 3 of College and we are already onto Assessments!

My two lucky Clients were treated to either a Hot oil Treatment or a Paraffin wax Treatment. What made this evening nerve wracking was I had in my head the routine and each step by step process, and neither of which included Hot Oil or Paraffin. Eek!

We had of course been shown how to provide both treatments but to not be able to practice them at home does make you a bit nervy! Or maybe that was just me…

First up was my Paraffin wax Client. I had already raved loads about this treatment & the ‘baby bum’ effect it gives hands after. This is definitely a treatment I want to have done fairly soon at my local salon, the after effects are amazing, especially with this colder weather setting in.

Here is Client 1

Client 1 Before

Client 1 Before

Client 1 After

Client 1 After


There was a few things I noticed towards the end of the treatment.

1- I’d forgotten to file underneath the nail & bevel the edges, which was then pretty noticeable in my ‘After’ pictures.

2- My Client had admitted to peeling off her previous set of acrylics, so although I noticed only minor damage at the beginning of the treatment, as my client had a Buff finish, the paste  ended up getting into the cracks of the nails. These are the noticeable white lines in the ‘After’ pictures. It’s a real shame as up to that point her hands, cuticles & nails looked amazing.

I was actually really annoyed that the paste had done this and definitely a lesson learnt, next time no paste, a dry buff and good telling off to any clients who admit to removing acrylics themselves!

Get them professionally removed ladies, your nails will thank you for it.

Up next was Client 2. This included a hot oil Treatment – which replaced the usual soak – and a dark polish finish. Unfortunately I forgot to take a before pic 😦 so there is only an after.

Client 2 After

Client 2 After

Ok, first thing first! The glaringly obvious polish & cuticle meet! For some reason my hands were a shaking mess so I’m not proud of this finish. The only thing I can think of is by the time I was working on my client it had been 8 hours since I’d last eaten! And I’m guessing the box of Tic-Tacs I demolished on the drive there doesn’t count…. Lesson learnt here… Eat before college!

Other then that, I was quite pleased with the outcome of the Treatment. Also just to mention, the colour used here is from the OPI Nordic Collection, How Great Is Your Dane.

So Assessment week 1 over, I feel I did alright, but there is certainly a difference between painting Nail tips – as I do for my nail art – painting my own nails – now I no longer have acrylics done 😦 – and painting other peoples nails. So lots of practicing needed, on that note I’m off to find my dummy hand!….

Until next time 🙂


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