College Week 4 – Manicure Assessment 2 & More!

Week four at college was a very busy evening, unfortunately I’ve no pictures from that evening but I still plan to tell you all about it 🙂

Firstly the main event, the Manicure. This evening was all about French Manicure and Hot Gloves for the treatment. Although we had our college French Manicure varnishes, I love my OPI’s so went with Alpine Snow and I Love Applause, the pink from this years Muppet’s Collection. Although my swatches showed a sheer pink, on natural nail the manicure ended up more like an American French, a very pronounced pink base. My Client loved it but it could perhaps be too much on a client with slightly paler skin. Moral of the story…. Need to invest in more pink sheer based OPI’s! (Any excuse to buy more nail lacquer hehe!!)

The treatment side of things was good also, my clients hands still come out hydrated & smooth, but I found there was more residue left on her hands after. Experience will tell me if that’s normal or if perhaps I used to much treatment cream, but I love giving manicures so I’m more then willing to find out.

The Gloves are actually really cheap to buy from my local Capital Hair & Beauty Trade Outlet – £24.99 so they are definitely going on my Christmas List. I still highly recommend a Paraffin wax but seeing as that kit is over £170 the Gloves are very good cheaper alternative.

The evening ended with an introduction into Nail Art of course my favorite bit, however water marbling came up!! I don’t know about anyone else but I can not get on with it. Think I need to do my research, from things I’ve read some say its

  • The varnish you use, OPI not being top of that list
  • The temperature of the water, lukewarm & room temperature being the top favorites and also
  • The type of water, Mineral being the top choice???? Not quite sure if I’d buy a bottle of Evian just to use for water marbling but hey?! desperate times, desperate measures!

We were also given the task of coming up with a theme for next week and to incorporate 10 different forms of nail art into it, more on that in the next post…..

And finally our first assignment!! Health & Safety, not the most exciting but we all know the most important.

I’ve learnt so much over just the 5 weeks I’ve been at college and I still have 21 more weeks to go. It really does amaze me how people can go on a 2 or even a 5 day course and become a qualified nail technician?? How can anyone put their faith into that kind of training and education? I’m so glad I paid the extra just to be able to give people the confidence to know that I’ve had thorough practical and theoretical training.

Knowledge is a powerful thing, to know the reasons behind what you are doing gives much greater confidence to someone ie; the Client rather then just doing it because that’s what you were shown…..

Up next, Nail Art Preparation 🙂



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