College Week 5 – Nail Art

Week 5 at College and we had Nail Art, my favourite! We had a mini assignment to do in that we had to create a theme and use 10 different forms of nail art within it, yes there are that & many more out there.

I want to take you through my planning process and then how it ended up on the night, let’s just say ‘Alright on the Night’ it was not!


You can’t do anything in life without a bit of planning first and I’m all for designing and planning. I came across an amazing website many months ago where among other things nail polish related there are also nail templates!! They. Are. Amazing! I’m forever printing sheets for the Nails Magazine daily challenges and mostly because I’m bored and need to design something before my creative juices burst! Click HERE if you wish to download and print them too.

Using the nail templates I created imagery boards for each nail. They included the inspiration, a sketch, notes and a place for the trial nail.

Nail Art Preparation

Nail Art Preparation









Next up was the trial, I’m so thankful I did this, I nearly wasn’t going too, in fact I left it to the day before as I was sure everything would be fine. Well my first lesson learnt is that you cannot apply foil to foil at least not without a barrier between the 2 first. I was hoping to apply a gold foil in a cross shape on top of red foil to give a wrapped present effect…. well… what I ended up with was just a mess. No other words can describe it!

Nail Art Trial Picture 1

Nail Art Trial Picture 1

The only nail I wasn’t able to complete was my French Manicure nail. That was to be my nail sticker nail but by the evening of the trial they still hadn’t arrived. No blame to the seller, I happened to order them late on a Sunday so no amount of wishful thinking was going to get them delivered to me on time. Which leads me onto my next disaster……

Nail Art Trial Picture 2

Nail Art Trial Picture 2








Seeing as my nail stickers weren’t going to arrive when I needed them I decided comic book stickers would be my next best alternative. Now I’ve done this before for a Nail Art challenge and they turned out amazing. So off I went to my local supermarket to find a Christmassy comic book or stickers.

Comic Book Nails

Comic Book Nails

Now we all know shops like to force Christmas in our faces even before the August bank holiday has happened. I never complain personally, Christmas is my favorite time of year, but this year, at a time when I desperately needed to get hold of something specifically christmassy could I find it? No!

I was hoping to come across a comic book or magazine from the film ‘Frozen’ a little Olaf would have looked amazing 🙂 but i guess I was a year too late for that…

What I ended up getting was a sticker pack that among the cupcakes and other sweet treats had Candy Canes!! Hurray! (or was it……)


College Night

College night started off really well, I had my notes to guide me through each stage, colours had to be painted at certain times, glues added at other times and each nail slowly started to take shape. I decided to use the College French Manicure colours this week too and the nail turned out really nice… and then i applied the Candy Cane….. I probably should have realised when I open the stickers as they were all plastic coated, but within a minute of applying it, it lifted along with my paint job too! 😦

Finished Right Hand

Finished Right Hand

Finished Left Hand

Finished Left Hand

You can just about make out the lifting with the Sticker but other then that they turned out ok. I must admit its all abit mish-mash for me, but i was determined to use 10 different forms of nail art. My favorite is the holly nail and bow nail.

So that was my evening of nail art.

Following that night I’ve invested in various designs of nail stickers so hopefully in the future I will not be caught short again. Our actual nail art assignments are after Christmas and for them we have to come up with 3 designs! I’ve already got 2 in mind considering the time of year it will be and the launch of a certain collection at that time…..

I can’t wait to tell you all about them…….. 🙂


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