The ultimate website & App for Collectors

Hi There 🙂

I wanted to quickly post about an amazing App (&  website) I came across via an Instagrammer I follow. is the website for anyone who collects things or who just wants a place to catalogue their belongings. For me that would be my Nail Polish Collection, but for anyone else it could be the shoes you have, the games you own, the cars you drive?…… It is the most amazing App I’ve come across!

It works like Shelves, you quite literally put your belongings on a shelf, give it a name and add any relevant items to it, its so easy to move whole shelves or just individual items too.

Mine currently looks like this Elbienails Home Page Elbienails Home Page Elbienails Shelf Page Elbienails Shelf Page










So if you want something to do tomorrow if you plan a quiet relaxing Sunday, may I recommend checking this site out either to gwap at those of us who suffer serious OCD tendencies, yes that would be me , or too start ‘shelving’ your own belongings/items.

🙂 x



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