College – Week 7

This week in college was learning the Liquid and Powder method of Nail Enhancements. It was quite a full on evening, but they are the ones I love the best 🙂

The Brush

What I found quite interesting about this lesson and something I had not even thought about was the preparation of the brush! Until tonight I never knew all acrylic brushes came with a ‘coating’ on them to protect them and a deep cleanse is required to the brush before using it for an enhancement. To do this we had to spend about 10 minutes brushing a fingertip over the brush hairs to break them down and soften them – you know if you are doing this right because the brush starts to look like it as a bad case of dandruff! Lol! Once you are sure all the powder residue is removed you then cleanse it in monomer and shape the brush to suit you.

The brush then becomes your ‘wand.’ Shaped and suited for you and no one else 🙂


We then paired up and applied pink overlays. The key really is the texture of the bead and I did find it quite frustrating to be consistent. I’d have a perfect bead for one nail and then a sopping wet one for the next. 😦 I guess it comes down to practice, so I know what I will be doing at home this week.

Finishing Techniques

We then moved onto filling. I’ve noticed in saloons that the high gloss finish is achieved by applying the UV top coat and curing it, however our qualification body states we have to learn to file and buff to a high gloss finish.

The Liquid and Powder system we are using is EZ-Flow and so our files are categorized by animal names. Now I don’t know about anyone else but I find this most confusing?? I much prefer knowing straight off its a 120 (course) file or a 1200 (buff) file. Especially because each brand has its own categories, IBD for instance which is our Gel kit uses Gem’s?!

Anyway, from a total of 5 files there are 8 sides in which we have to use to achieve the high gloss finish. Starting from the courser file and moving up to the biff file, you slowly smooth and blend the enhancement. The key here is sticking to the same set of motions or steps – we follow 6 – that way you slowly smooth out the courser lines. Filling out over the place, up and down, left to right may give you a smooth surface but then trying to buff out all those ‘random’ scratches will take forever.

And so that was week 7! Phew, next week models 🙂

In the meantime….

Anyone who follows me on twitter, knows how much I love my Acrylics and that I was quite gutted to have them removed ready for the course. Well seeing has I had learnt about overlays, I ordered some white tips and applied a set of nails myself with everything I had learnt. I have to say I was really pleased with the result and for a quite fix definitely something I am going to try again 🙂

French Tip with Pink Overlay

French Tip with Pink Overlay





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