College – Week 8

Tonight was Model night!

A simple set of applying tips and a pink overlay, unfortunately the use of white tips wasn’t allowed, natural tips was the goal.

What I did find was I spent a lot longer on preparing the nail then most people, this was down to two things; my client needing quite a bit of cuticle work and my own internal need to be a perfectionist. She has lovely nails in general so after all the prep work I wanted to leave them alone, my client however was looking forward to new nails 🙂

This time I found application of the beads quite easy and managed to do all 10 sets in about 15-20 mins. It is about being methodical and that for me is the best way to work, just having a rhythm and going for it.

What I found I had trouble with was the filling. I used to go to a salon that when they filled, cut into my sidewalls which caused bleeding and since then I’ve hated the use of files. When I’m qualified the fist thing I’m training in is an E-File, the precision of them is so much better. I was really nervous with my client that I was catching her skin and has a result probably didn’t go as close to the edge of the overlay as I should have done. The one advantage is the files we used are shaped in a certain way so that you turn and adapt them for the type of filling you do, but still, I think a bit more practicing will build my confidence in getting really close to the edges.

So here they are…

Natural Tip with Pink Overlay

Natural Tip with Pink Overlay

Unfortunately my client only gets these for 1 week as next week is soak off 🙂




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