College – Week 10

Wow week 10!

Tonight’s class was an evening of applying a full set of Liquid & Powder using both the both pink and white powder, so this meant ‘Smile Lines’ and no cheating like my set the other week 😉

Our Tutor had said she would prefer 5 perfect nails to 10 imperfect ones, but with Assessments less then 2 months away I took this has an opportunity to see what I could do in 2 1/2 hours. Nothing gets me going like a little pressure! 🙂

Tonight was slightly more nerve wracking then previous evenings as I felt like I had an actual client! I asked a girl from work if she would like to be a model for me, she has only been working in my office for 2 months but I felt like it was a great opportunity to get to know her better. She’s American so that immediately sparked my interest in getting to know her better and her husband is in the forces, something else close to my heart. It turned out to be a really great choice and I had a really good evening having a proper girly chat.

The Technical Bit!

Ok onto the Application… Firstly I actually felt a bit guilty applying L&P (Liquid & Powder) to my client, she actually had really lovely nails to begin with and in the real world I’d probably advise her against L&P and to use either Gel or just Gel Varnish. I tried not to do to much ‘work’ on her natural nail, and kept the removal of shine to a minimum. I’m going to owe her a dozen manicures when I take them off so I can get her nails back to strength.

Just to clarify nail enhancements do not damage nails, but they well be weaker upon the first removal, anything with a plastic coating for any length of time would. What you need to be aware of is damage to your nail bed, if you are ever having your nails filled and feel that burning sensation (you’ll know it when you feel it) that’s damage occurring. Run out & run fast!

As usual with me, my time on prep was probably longer then it should have been, but my application speed bought me up to the same steps as everyone else. I had trouble with my bead texture too. I had quite a few dry beads but my brush didn’t seem to dry out? I think it might need a clean??

I was then left with 45 mins to file & buff. I thought that was plenty of time, nope! I was about 10 mins short 😦 So unfortunately my client has gone away with 4 nails left to finish. Not all a bad thing it means we get to meet up very shortly for more girly chats! 🙂

So here is the (partly) finished set. So that’s it for this week, next class is Gel’s!

Full Set of Pink & Whites - Left Hand

Full Set of Pink & Whites – Left Hand, Completed

Full Set of Pink & Whites - Right Hand

Full Set of Pink & Whites – Right Hand, Partial Finish


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