College – Week 9

This evenings class consisted of Soak off and Smile Lines

My Client from last week was back, unfortunately 4 of her enhancements didn’t come back with her 😦

After talking with my tutor about it and looking at the remaining nails, some of which had quite heavy lifting along the sides, it is a possibility that I didn’t file enough to remove the shine from the edges or that I didn’t remove all the oily residue from the nail bed? Again practice and more practice but also looking at what happens with my enhancements should give me clearer picture as too what I’m doing wrong. She did admit to being quite heavy handed at her workplace but I’m sure she was just being nice 🙂

Soak Off

There are two ways in which we are taught to remove Liquid & Powder applied enhancements. One is the cotton wool and tin foil method and the second is the fingernail ‘bath.’ We had to do a hand of each to find what we preferred but also to see first hand any differences that occurred between the two methods.

After tonight I realised 2 reasons why when I tried to take my own enhancements off in the past it never worked. Number 1 – Timing. Tonight’s soaking time was 30 minutes BEFORE we even attempted our first look. Most bottles from the local supermarket say 10 minutes and this is where the trouble starts. You remove the nail from the solution and instantly the acrylic will harden again therefore undoing all the work you have just attempted. The longer you leave them in in the first place the better. Number 2 – Strength of Acetone. The Acetone I used had the following listed in its list of ingredients; Acetone.

Yep, that’s it, just one ingredient. Check the list of ingredients on your bottle, anything after Acetone is simply diluting your solution and again will add additional time to your removal process. I use The Edge Tip Remover High Grade Acetone. Its amazing!

The Edge Tip Remover

The Edge Tip Remover

Bath Method; This involved soaking the fingernails directly into acetone, to speed up the process the acetone bath was placed in a bowl of hot water. The good thing with this method was being able to see directly what was happening with the enhancement. As time went on you could actually see it curling away from the nail, after the 30 minutes a little push with a cuticle/orange and the enhancement was gone! It was so quick and easy I now resent all those occasions wasting afternoons just removing enhancements!

Cotton Wool & Tin Foil; For this method we soaked cotton wool with acetone, placed it on the nail and wrapped it with tin foil. The advantage to this method is the reduced smell, and reduced use of product. However the disadvantage is the enhancement will soak up the acetone, so I found the cotton wool dried out by the time the 30 minutes was up and extra time was needed. The nails with quite heavy lifting came off by this time, but I think once I get more experienced and create enhancements with longer staying power this method my not work for me as efficiently has the bath method. It took an additional 20 minutes after reapplying fresh cotton wool & acetone to finally remove the nails. It was a good experiment to try and definitely gave me something to think about.

To finish off, I tidied my clients cuticles up, applied 2 coats of OPI Nail Envy and a nice thick layer of Avoplex, giving it 5 minutes to soak in before removing any excess. Fingers and nails are very hungry after 30 minutes in acetone! Aside from being a little weak, as expected, they were in quite good condition, so very pleased I didn’t do any severe long term damage to her nails.

Smile Lines

We then went on to practice our white powder application or ‘smile lines’ as they are also known as. When I tried this myself over the summer before I started college I found it quite difficult in getting a good consistency and achieving the smile line, I really did think that it wasn’t going to be for me. Our tutor however came up with the most amazing trick to help us achieve a perfect smile line by marking 3 lines in a triangle shape. All we had to do was place a bead in the center marker and ‘draw’ it to the 2 outside markers, sweep underneath and voila! – perfect smile line – Well at least she made it look easy, here are my attempts…

Practice of Pink and Whites. Smile Lines

Practice of Pink and Whites. Smile Lines

As you can see (from left to right) a pretty awful first go, but I was quite please with myself by the time I got to nail 7. Although there are white tips easily available out there the skill do doing this means there is no end to what else can be achieved.

It was also quite interesting to see the differences in white powder to pink powder. You really do end up with a ‘snowball’ whereas pink powder turns quite translucent and smooth, how that works out across different brands, time will tell 🙂

So now off for lots of practicing as next week is a full set of Pink and Whites!!


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