OPI Fifty Shades of Grey Collection & Comparisons

So this is a first for me, a review!

There are already a fair few OPI Fifty Shades reviews out there, most from those lucky enough to have attended the launch. One day hopefully I will get that chance 🙂

In this post I’ll show you the collection but also comparisons from last year releases. I’ll be the first to admit I am an avid OPI collector, but I’m also lucky enough to own a Capital Hair & Beauty Trade card so pay a lot less for a bottle then what they sell for in my local John Lewis.

I’m hoping this will help you with your buying decision 🙂

First up the anticipated Fifty Shades Collection!! I was soooo excited to hear this collection was being launched, I am a BIG Fifty Shades fan, the second book being my favourite. I am a big sucker for romance fairy tale type stories but I’m also an adult so the series ticked all the boxes for me. I re-read the series more then a handful of times and on hearing about the making of the film have held off reading them again in the hope the film gives a fresh perspective 🙂 But back to to the polish…

Here is the collection

OPI Fifty Shades Collection

OPI Fifty Shades Collection

OPI Fifty Shades Collection Swatches

OPI Fifty Shades Collection Swatches










On the left starting at the top we have Embrace The Gray, Cement The Deal, Shine For Me.

And on the right starting at the top, Dark Side Of The Mood, My Silk Tie, Romantically Involved

The coverage (2 coats) for all the colours was what you expect from OPI, with the exception of My Silk Tie. For me it was a little streaky and I think if your nails are anything less then perfect any imperfections may show up, a good base coat should help with that though.

Aside from the red & silver, I have nothing similar to anything from last years collection, so its nice to have a few unique additionals in my collection. How I use them I’m not to sure yet, but I have 3 themes I have to come up with for my future Nail Art Assessments so look forward to using them for that.

Now for the comparisons. OPI is well known for its Red’s and last years collections didn’t disappoint, all variations of red were released and there was at least one that would suit you.

Here’s how they look against the first red release of this year.

OPI Red Shades

OPI Red Shades

OPI Red Shades Swatches

OPI Red Shades Swatches










So Starting on the left, top to bottom we have; Over & Over A Gwen, Coca – Cola Red, Fashion A Bow, What’s Your Pointsettia.

And on the right, top to bottom; Red Hot Rio, Race Red, Cinnamon Sweet, In A Holidaze.

The lone bottle on the bottom is of course our Fifty Shades Red, Romantically Involved.

As you can see the shades do vary between each collection and there is something for everyone. There was one colour though that I found was pretty much an exact match and that was Cinnamon Sweet from the recent Christmas/Holiday Collection.

Fifty Shades Romantically Involved & Cinnamon Sweet

Fifty Shades Romantically Involved & Cinnamon Sweet

I know many people who review Nail Lacquers hate that a company produces duplicates, but I guess there is the advantages & dis-advantages.

If you use a polish very frequently you are more then likely to run out, these are ‘limited’ edition afterall. So a dupe isn’t all a bad thing if it means your favorite colour is getting a longer shelf life.

It also has selling advantages; so your client absolutely adored a colour from a few collections back, well guess what it’s back! Sell, Sell, Sell!

The only dis-advantage I can see is if the polish is for yourself, the likely hood of using the whole bottle before it’s ‘dupe’ is released is probably quite low, but if you’re like me and adore OPI anyway it’s doubtful you will care 🙂

I did also look at the silvers that were released from last collections against the silver in in this collection.

OPI Silver Releases

OPI Silver Releases

OPI Silver Releases Swatches

OPI Silver Releases Swatches – Top Left; My Signature Is DC, Top Right; Unfrost My Heart, Bottom Left; Push & Shove, Bottom Right; My Silk Tie

Left to Right we have; Push & Shove, My Signature is DC, Unfrost my Heart, My Silk Tie.

Now, this will come down to personal preference with this lot, as individually they are all different, it just depends what you what from your silver.

For me My Silk Tie is Push & Shove bar the required base coat and with longevity. Not even from a distance could I distinguish between the mirror shine. So for that advantage definitely go for My Silk Tie. My Signature is DC is the similar base colour of silver but with intense added shimmer, really your night time/party version of the sophisticated, elegant My Silk Tie. If anything My Signature is DC and Unfrost my heart are the closest ‘dupes’ but the shimmer & opacity is more prominent in DC then in Unfrost my Heart.

Like I said really they are all different but seeing as it was another ‘Silver’ release it at least deserved some sort of discussion.

Well that’s it, the long eagerly awaited OPI Fifty Shades of Grey Release is here, now the wait for the Film 🙂 x






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