College – Week 11 – Intro to Gel’s

Tonight’s class was Gel’s. That is ‘hard’ UV/LED Gel and not the type that comes out of a nail lacquer type bottle. 🙂

It is not a very common way to have a nail enhancement in this country – at least not in my part – and that really seems to come down to effort and what’s involved to remove it from the clients nails, files & buffers!

In recent years also, clients are becoming savvy to nail dangers and damage that can be caused to their nails, although mostly this is due to media hype and scare mongering. A properly trained technician will not damage your nails.  If in doubt check their credentials and qualifications, I still maintain after all what I’ve learnt these past few months there is no way someone who went on a 5 day course can be compared to a student on a longer training program.

Anyway back to the evening…

The brand we are using for Gel’s is IBD. It was recommended to us because of its self leveling qualities, which means less filing 🙂

First we watched our tutor demonstrate a simply overlay then we got too it.

Funny stuff is UV Gel, its a constancy I can’t even describe it. I’ll try but it may confuse you. Its like slime but much thinner and when trying to lift it from the pot it becomes so stringy, I find turning my brush like when I use a fork trying to pick up spaghetti works best, otherwise you spend forever trying to ‘lift’ it from the pot.

We also learnt a bit of a learners trick, Firstly you should know – unlike Liquid & Powder, Gel it will not harden until it is cured under a UV/LED Lamp, no amount of time in the world is going to make that Gel go solid, sometime in direct sunlight may help – there is a reason after all why UV Gel products should not be kept in direct sunlight – but really its that time under the lamp that does the hard work. After applying Gel to a nail to stop it flooding into the cuticles, ‘freeze’ it under a UV/LED lamp for 10 seconds or so, this allows you to move onto the next nail and not fretting too much about time and the movement of the Gel on the previous finger. It won’t cure, so any knocks & knicks may show, but it does give you some breathing room to continue the rest of the set.

Our Tutors finished nail looked amazing, so natural and very shiny, apparently the appeal for clients is its light weight feel and they do notice a difference when going from L&P to Gel and back to L&P and of course the shine. Something that I currently find a challenge achieving with the Liquid & Powder system 😦

So a few pics from this evening

Natural Nail with Gel Overlay

Natural Nail with Gel Overlay

Natural Nail with Gel Overlay  (2)

Natural Nail with Gel Overlay (2)

I hope you can make out the shine, that really is the appeal to Gel’s.

Personally though my favorite is still Liquid & Powder, although the set time is quicker you still have time to ‘play and mold’ the product and know that when you are done it will stay that way, yes the filing is a pain at the moment but I’m sure as I get more experienced that will come naturally. Now off to practice 🙂















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