College – Week 12 – Infills

So Tonight was Infills.

In a Technical sense the infill process is the same for both the Liquid & Powder System as it is for the Gel, you remove the lifted areas and re-apply – Sorted 🙂

My Client from 2 weeks previous returned this evening & we set about sorting her lifted nails.

This is how they looked when she first came into me

Infill Pre-Filing

Infill Pre-Filing

Infill Pre-Filing (2)

Infill Pre-Filing (2)

As you can see my lifting is quite obvious (the cloudy, shaded areas) so it looked like my work was cut out for me & it was…..

I have to say I found tonight so frustrating and came home nearly crying and wanting to quit thinking I was never going to be able to do an Infill. I’m still in training and practicing so my lifting was quite extreme, but I felt like it was an endless battle to remove the lifted areas it just felt like they were growing and growing and that all my filing did was just remove more and more of the Acrylic.

I had to double check with my tutor that I was removing areas that were lifted and not just filing away for the sake of it, unfortunately she confirmed I was filing at lifted areas 😦

What it meant was that I spent the all session filing away and did not actually get to do an Infill, I understand the principle but I definitely need to get more practice in.

This is what I was left with after all my filing was done….

Infill Post Filing

Infill Post Filing

In hindsight it would actually have been easier & have taken the same amount of time to soak and redo a whole set! But the aim of the game was a refill, just unfortunate on this occasion I was unable to complete one.

Also this evening we were given a slight Theory lesson on re-balances. We are taught to file (or buff depending on the system used) to de-bulk the Nail Enhancement and then start again. This for me sounds so easy, the other way I’ve read about is to just make an incision where you need to replace the smile line and then fill it but I guess the risk of a bulky enhancement is increased and then also to ensure everything is level, smooth & even?…… Umm I’ll leave that to the more experience technician.

I’m now at the half way point of my course and it has gone so quick! My next 12 weeks are now filled with 1 re-cap session, 2 practice sessions and then diving straight into 8 weeks of exams and assessments, Eek! But if all goes well, my final session is a simple handover of my portfolio 🙂 That’s what I’m aiming for.


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