College – Week 13 – Gel Model

Well…… Unfortunately I did not have a model for this evening, she came down Flu, ‘Tis the season 😦 so i spent the evening shadowing a fellow student.

I have to say it was the best thing I did, two heads are literally better then one. I could watch the whole set of nails being done, while being able to make notes in real time.

This was the biggest advantage, I could write a step by step in a way I understood as opposed to a handout – which too give credit to my tutor she does give out really good guides but watching and writing at the same time seemed to help me take more in?? The other advantage was being able to ask my tutor questions as things were happening or if I thinking of something as the set was being applied I could get an answer without disrupting or having to stop if it was my own client – Overall being able to concentrate on perhaps more technical things that were happening instead of just the process of applying the Gel’s really did help.

I wish we could do it more often or what I need to do is find a Nail Technician who does not mind me shadowing her a few hours a week. I still see my technician to have my nails done, but I turn into relaxed mode while I’m having them done – I shouldn’t but its 1 of 2 hours I get a month to pamper myself; work, family, college are all the last things on my mind for them couple of hours. 🙂

So although I found it to be the most informative evening, really that is all that happened, No pictures either I’m afraid as it was not my client, so that’s it – I watched, I learned and soon I will accomplish – now off to practice 🙂


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