College – Week 14 – Nail Enhancement Practice

This evenings class was a practice on any Nail Enhancement system we wanted.

I quite enjoy Liquid & Powder and I’ve found it quite easy to practice smile lines at home so I took this opportunity to practice my UV Gel application. I got to work on a fellow student too, which as you know I prefer 🙂

It was good to put the ‘freeze’ technique to use and finally use the Gel on an actual nail, other then that I found it pretty easy to use and work with, apparently the secret with Gel is to keep your brush in the product and manipulate it that way, unlike L&P where you have the advantage of putting your brush in and out the product where needed.

I also got to try out a reverse application for a french manicure. This is where you add your pink first and then the white. The advantage of doing this with Gel is that you can create a ‘ledge’ with your pink so that when you add your white it simply fills in the space, easy peesy! 🙂

Here is my finished product

UV Gel Nails

UV Gel Nails

UV Gel Overlay Side View

UV Gel Overlay Side View










I’m not too unhappy with the finished result as it was my first time applying UV Gel to actual nails, so I can’t be too much of a critic to myself, I can just learn from the things I’m not too happy with.

The obvious one being the middle finger and little finger. I didn’t use enough UV Gel in the first instance on the Middle finger so proceeded to apply a second, from there it just went horribly wrong, and with the little finger I used just a bit too much product for the size of the nail bed so its ended up quite lumpy and bumpy 😦 I do love the shine though and will definitely enquirer into how they lasted.

The other thing I noticed was ‘shadows’ down the sides of the nails, I had noticed it on my L&P application too. After talking to my tutor this may have occurred due to my filling technique, perhaps not being equal and level between all my files, so something to definitely look out for on my next client.

So that’s it another week down and another week closer to assessments!


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