College – Week 15 – L&P Model

Tonight I finally got round to working on a model again 🙂

As it is also not very long till assessment nights I wanted to make a concerted effort in completing a set of nails – with tips – in our allocated assessment time… 2 hours! Yep no messing about here.

Now, I’ll be completely honest before I go into how the evening went, I’ve been naughty! Since my client before Christmas who came into College to have her nails done, I have not picked up my brush since!!! Yes, as I said, naughty I know, so I had even more to prove to myself this evening that I could do it.

On top of that little revelation I was also desperate to try out the Glitter acrylics that came within my EZ Flow Acrylic kit, so decided tonight was the night for that too. 🙂

I had my faithful model back after her bout of Flu, so we had lots to catch up on – except tonight was not the night for talking. As much as I would have loved a catch up & we got a few of the important bits in during the consultation, it ended up being the quietest night so far during my time at College – not just for me either.

So the big question….How long did it take…. 2 hours & 20 mins!!! I am so happy! OK so not in the time limit I wanted to make, I had some minor issues in that my client does not have a natural C-Curve so quite a bit of time was spent on Tip Blending, all good practice though and she is now walking about in what is quite literally Couture tips!

Here is the end result

L&P Nail Enhancement Left Hand

L&P Nail Enhancement Left Hand

L&P Nail Enhancement Right Hand

L&P Nail Enhancement Right Hand










Although Slightly blurry I have a side view too just to show you my apex. For anyone unknowing to that term, its the slight curve in the nail shape.

L&P Application Side View

L&P Application Side View

I am so so pleased with these nails, there are smooth, round and sooooo shiny all achieved from files only, no UV Gel top coat required thank you very much! 🙂

The Glitter turned out amazing too, just a subtle hint but enough if you want a slight change from the normal white tip. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to use the other colours in my set and get the chance to show you all.

Well that’s it for this week, Week 16 – Exams!!



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