College – Week 16 – Exams!

Well the night I had been dreading – there are few more of them to come, but this was the first! Exam Night!

I hate Theory work, especially of an exam nature I just seem to lose all sense of what I’ve learnt, it’s not the pressure, I usually find I work much better with a little fire under me. It’s like I walk in, sit down and then all I see is white, nothing, nada, just white??

So you can imagine how thrilled I was to hear our exams were multiple choice! WooHoo! It’s like Who wants to be Millionaire, except no phone a friend, 50/50 or ask the audience, oh and no £££££££’s either! Just the chance to become a Nail Tech! 🙂

We had 5 exams in total to complete and 2 1/2 hours to finish them in.

  • Provide & Maintain Nail Enhancements
  • Provide Manicure Treatments 1/2
  • Provide Manicure Treatments 2/2
  • Provide Nail Art
  • Follow Health & Safety Practice in the Saloon

I’ve been quite lucky in that I’ve been able to spend my days revising with no distractions, I’m aware that makes me one of the lucky ones I have no idea how I would have coped with other life obstacles in the way.

So how did I do……….


Well to be accurate I passed the minimum requirement, we had to achieve a 70% pass rate and will then receive oral questioning on the remainder we answered incorrectly. I actually prefer this as if I give a wrong answer at least I can get the correct explanation and learn from my mistakes, unlike the exam; Although I know what learning achievements I need to brush up on I don’t actually know what questions they related to within the exam, so can’t learn anything from it.

My passed percentages ranged from 73% – 93% and the times taken for each exam ranged from just under 5 minutes to 17 1/2 minutes. Was a bit annoyed to learn the exam I took the longest on got me my lowest percentage, but yet the longest exam took me 8 minutes to complete and I passed with 86%?? Go figure…..

So has it was exams there are no pictures, so I’ve decided on a motivational montage. Well 2 actually, one is dedicated to my fellow classmates that have to take a couple of re-sits. Nothing is worse then not quite passing, and its one of the reasons I took so long before finding the courage to do this course. If any of you read this, if you don’t turn up to the next class, I will hunt you down! I will not let this get you down, there is 9 weeks left…… Let’s do this!

Motivational Montage

Motivational Montage

Motivational Montage Dedicated to my Fellow Classmates

Motivational Montage Dedicated to my Fellow Classmates







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