College – Week 17 – Infills

Week 17 and it was time to try infills again.

Anyone who has been following my progress with college knows that my last attempt at infills – See Here – well…. didn’t actually happen. My application of the original set of nails was so awful, I spent the whole evening filling the areas that had lifted, resulting in not actually attempting an infill.

Tonight was different! My game head was on and a set of infills was accomplished! Yey!

I was actually very impressed with myself that the set lasted 2 weeks, there was an average amount of lifting that I’ve experienced myself from qualified professional Nail Technicians and other then my client losing 2 nails after an incident with a Till I was very pleased with how they lasted, she is a hairdresser after all too 🙂

Left Hand Pre-Infill

Left Hand Pre-Infill

Right Hand Pre Infill

Right Hand Pre Infill

So this is what I started with, now I just had to get on with the filling.













On my previous attempt I was too cautious and used only 1/10 of the file, I was too nervous as well in case I cut into my clients skin so worked quite slowly. Well a lot has changed since that lesson. I’ve learnt to pull the surrounding skin down to get closer to the nail walls to prevent filling the skin, I’m much more confident with a fill, not only holding it but using it, and that means I’m working quicker.

After that it was a case of prepping and priming nails ready for an acrylic application.

The one thing I found difficult on this occasion was re-applying the nails that had snapped off. My application was completely different  and although my client said she couldn’t notice, I could. In general I wasn’t really happy with them at all. Bit of practice needed there.

Overall I’m so happy I managed to accomplish an infill from start to finish and with a bit of additional work thrown in! So that is it for practices, from next week its Assessments!!

Right Hand Post-Infill

Right Hand Post-Infill

Left Hand Post Infill

Left Hand Post Infill


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