College Week 19 – Assessments! Enhancements 2/6 Nail Art 2/3

This evening was assessments round 2! Infills and another set of nail art.

Time is really coming along now, I can’t believe in 6 weeks it will all be over. 😦 I definitely have a taste for education again and the night classes really suit me. There is a pedicure class coming up in a few weeks which I’m really interested in, its also fed my need to look into Beauty Therapy again…. we will see 😉

Anyway back to the evening. We have had a bit of a half term break so my client was back for this evening to have infills done.


Personally I wasn’t as happy with the return of these as I was with my blue glitter ones I did a few weeks ago, along with losing 2 – well actually my client picked them off, which I gave her a little telling off for, some of the lifting was quite bad in places. I can only guess it was the time pressure that perhaps got to me as the previous set in comparison were near perfect.

A pretty uncomplicated evening, I just set about filling of the lifted areas and then re-applied my Liquid and Powder. Unfortunately I have no before picture, horrendous traffic on my way to college resulted in me being 20 minutes late, so my head game got lost for a few moments and I forgot to take a picture Doh! This is the after picture

Assessment Infills Week 19

Assessment Infills Week 19

I am quite pleased with them and I love how my clients nails are growing with just a simply overlay on top. I love being able to achieve a shine purely through a file only, considering what you start with to see the end result is truly satisfying.





Nail Art

Also for this evening was our second assessment for nail art. I practiced the design a few week ago and when I showed my client she really loved it. The colors are really lovely, and although I adore my OPI’s, I love Ciate too. Their finish is like car paint, it has such a high polish shine – before a top coat – I have yet to see with any other brand. It’s just such a shame its soooo expensive per bottle, if they sold it in my trade shop it would be a different story 🙂

Here are my trial & execution

Nail Art Assessment 2

Nail Art Assessment 2

Client Nail Art Picture

Client Nail Art Picture







With all my mediums now accomplished it means next week i can do something simple after completing a set of pink & whites, Phew!

And the conclusion…. I passed!! So chuffed 🙂

Next week, it’s the Big Daddy!


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