Self Employment – My First Steps

So here it is, the time has come to take my new found skills and take on the rest of the world. Well the 1-2 mile radius around my house at least! 🙂

I’ve been doing a bit of research into going self-employed. Yes it would be easy to have a day job and do what I’ve learnt as a sneaky side job, but A- It’s illegal (have you not been listening to the adverts!) B – I would like a big pension pot when I retire and cash in hand will never achieve that and C – My dream would be to own a Spa and/or Training Center and to specialise in treating Nail Conditions, yes all you nail biters out there I’m coming for you! Well, the only way to do that is profits and proper accounting. Mr Bank Manager needs to see I’m a money maker so he will give me more money 🙂

Like I said I am a complete novice at this, so I welcome any comments that will steer me in the direction of my dream.

First things first, starting small and that means mobile.

To start with I need insurance and a bit of research has steered me in the direction of Salon Gold, they do insurance specifically for Students and without any extras for only £29.50! Although just like Jo-Lo did for her butt, I could ensure my hands for an extra £5, funny at first but when thinking about it a very logical thing to do…..

Not sure if I will continue with them though once I receive my qualification, another beauty insurer abt – Associated Beauty Therapists – offer a complimentary starter pack, which also includes a free 1 year subscription to Scratch Magazine – The Nail magazine for nail professionals!! Seeing as I have yet to subscribe to them, this offer is quite enticing for me and offers a saving.

Next up is a bit of advertising and for this I have gone to my favorite website Vistaprint. I have used them for many years, although upon designing my leaflets I found that the edit ability now is so much more flexible. As long as you don’t go outside the print line or over other words you can right practically anywhere you wish! You really can create a unique design. Here is what I have come up with.

Elbie Nails Pricing Leaflet - Training Prices. Created via

Elbie Nails Pricing Leaflet – Training Prices. Created via

I am so so pleased with them and really love the crisp white background.

They were really good value for money too, I got 100 including delivery for just under £30, that’s only 30p each! Considering they are good quality card and of DL size I’m very happy with that 🙂

The next most important thing is letting Mr HMRC know who I am. Thankfully in this day and age everything is done online so after visiting the HMRC website and filling out a few forms I am half-way to becoming fully self-employed!! 🙂 More about that in a few weeks times.

So that’s it, I have laid the foundations for my future. For me though I still have to have something short term to aspire too and for me that’s my own home saloon.

Now I don’t currently own a house big enough to forego a room to use and to be honest for me a Salon is a professional work place so deserves its own space and for me this is it…

In twelve months I want to be the owner of one of these, that is the dream 🙂

I love the little space it provides and its just big enough for a Nail Desk and pedicure chair, plus anything Nail related can remain in there away from little hands.

And finally… A few inspirational words to keep me going and as a lover of Disney I found a few fitting ones that ring very true 🙂

Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest







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