College Week 21 – Assessments!! 4/6

Week 21 and another assessment! Whew!

Tonight was a Gel overlay application. I quite enjoy Gel and the finish is quite stunning for the minimal effort involved, but my only bug bear is the removal. The constant filling and buffing involved is quite time consuming so I’m definitely going to look for an alternative once I qualify.

The industry has caught onto the fact that removal of Hard UV Gel is its disadvantage and so companies are bringing out their own soak-off versions. I just need to find who is the best and what works for me 🙂

Anyway back to the evening. I had the best client for the application of Gel. A self-confessed nail biter. To be fair, her nails weren’t in all that bad condition. I have seen much worst examples of nail biting.

Client Nails, Pre UV Gel Application

Client Nails, Pre UV Gel Application

The current weather too has most people’s nails and cuticles at a disadvantage – mine included. I’m not the best walking advert for a Nail Technician currently but I’m working on that and you’ll read about it very shortly….

My client just needed a little cuticle work and some nail prep and I was set to go ahead for the Gel application. We are currently using the IBD Gel system at college and I do really love it. It moulds easily, its self-levelling, which for anyone is a bonus and I do love the finish it leaves. You also have the option of either using a top coat with leaves the sticky residue – supplied in our kits – or purchasing an additional one which doesn’t.

There is a tip we are taught in regards to ‘freezing’ the Gel. Even after applying the Gel it will still continue to ‘move’ and potentially flood cuticles if you don’t work quick enough to complete a hand before setting it under the UV Lamp, to ‘freeze’ the Gel is to stick it under the UV lamp for 10 seconds or so to stop it moving. It won’t have cured so any bumps or knocks you incur, I’m afraid you’ll have to start again 😦

Well tonight… I worked quick enough!! I was so pleased to be able to complete a whole hand with no flooding before having to put it under the lamp. It meant I finished well within time. This was just an overlay though, I’m doing a full set of tips and pink & white Gel next week so I may not get so lucky then, time will tell?

And this is the finished result.

Client Nails, Post UV Gel Application

Client Nails, Post UV Gel Application

The great thing about my client this evening her joy in realising the benefits of UV Gel and how natural and light it feels. It was a last minute request to have her as a model and I think she was expecting the traditional hard, heavy, noticeable nails I’m usually accustomed with.

To have applied an overlay that is light and natural but durable enough to put anyone off nail biting is a service I want to excel in.

My aim in life is to help anyone achieve the nails they’ve always wanted. Genetics & lifestyle play a factor, but hey, I have 2 young children and that still never stopped me having 1 inch long talons, if it’s achievable, it’s doable!

And so that’s it another evening and another assessment, Oh… the most important factor of this evening…. I passed 🙂

Another 2 to go…….




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