College Week 22 – Assessments!! 5/6

Tonight was the last of my Gel assessments, that meant a whole set including tips plus the use of pink and white builder gels!!

As I’ve said before I love the final effect of the Gel, it is incredibly sticky and can get EVERYWHERE if you aren’t careful but I find the trick with it is too treat it like spaghetti when extracting it from the tub and then to roll, roll, roll when you are trying to lay it on the nail. That seems to work for me 🙂

Tonight I got my lovely American friend back who I had had in just before Christmas. The great thing about this was having had known her since I had first done her nails I immediately recognised changes in her nail condition. She had amazing, envious nails that I felt completely guilty about adding Liquid & Powder too the first time I had her has a client, but there really was a noticeable change in them. After a catch up we talked about what the reasons could be and I really felt like a true professional giving advice back on how to help.

The great thing also is I’ve gone through a recent job change and I’m now working with a large group of nurses – yes I’m aware of the drastic change too, Motor industry to the NHS is a bit extreme but I’m loving it! The fact I get to learn medical knowledge and ask them about skin conditions has been a great advantage over the previous weeks and I’m sure as I start taking on clients something that will be of a huge benefit.

Anyway back to the evening. I must admit I felt quite rushed for this evening. I arrived extra early but the thing with Gel is you have to work quick. Gel doesn’t stop moving just because you have finished with it and because I had the job of using both Pink & White Gel I had to use the reverse method which meant creating wells, that also meant using the freezing method… I’ll admit I’m not the fastest applicant when it comes but I also find it a waste while you wait for the layers to ‘cure’ as we only use UV lamps and not LED ones in college either, the curing time has to be twice as long to avoid what is known as a ‘jelly sandwich.’

Yes that really is an expression! It’s used to describe a Gel nail that has a hard base and hard top layer, but a soft middle where they have not been cured long enough, it’s meant to be springy to touch?? As yet I’ve not experienced that 🙂

Well know you’ve read though the blurb I’m sure you are after pictures and here we are….

Client Nails Pre Gel Application

Client Nails Pre Gel Application

Client Nail Post Gel Application

Client Nail Post Gel Application

I am most pleased with my smile lines for this application but what I did notice was my pink ‘wells’ dipped where they met the white. This is most likely due to force of habit when applying L&P, you tend to smooth it off towards the end of the nail, but other then that I am very pleased with them, perhaps an additional amount of time buffing may have helped to smooth over the dips but overall I am happy with them, and really nothing can beat that shine!

So that is it, all gel assignments fully accomplished and passed 🙂 just a L&P infill left to do and that will be it, all assessments completed.


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