College Week 23 – Assessment!! 6/6 Liquid and Powder Rebalance

Well this is it, the final night of Assessments and the second to last evening of my college course. Time has certainly flown by these last 23 weeks, 27 if you include the holiday weeks!

For my last Assessment I had to complete a liquid and powder Rebalance. I hadn’t actually fully completed one during college time, but I enjoy the challenge of something new and with the principle of it being fairly straight forward I wasn’t expecting any hiccups.

How we are taught is a combination of filling the lifted areas and then debulking the remainder of the nail, yes lots of filling involved. I will be so glad to have 3 months professional work under my belt so I can apply for an E-File course!

I had contacted my client on about day 16 of her having her previous set of L&P applied and they were all doing well, then during days 17/18 she lost 5!! All work related but nevertheless I was still gutted 😦

So when she came into me I was expected my job to be cut out for me in terms of reapplying another 5. Thank god for consultations though. As she has been a regular client of mine for the past few months and nearly every week has been through the same process of applying full sets or similar and then regular removal with acetone, her nails have naturally taken a battering. I’d like to add this shouldn’t happen to ‘normal’ clients. My college client is an exception has she models for me almost every week and usually for something different each time, unfortunately this means an higher then average amount of time spent soaking in acetone and we all know the dis-advantages of that! It was decided I was not going to re-apply any more Enhancements and to just concentrate my efforts on the remaining nails. She is now looking forward to my promise of regular hot oil manicures though 🙂

I also came across my first episode of meeting another technicians work…. In the professional world ideally I would always remove and then re-apply my own set, as should any other Technician. You can never be sure of the integrity of the other technicians work or the products they use, which means the chance of the differences in appearance increases.

I had already started on the left hand before I realised I needed to take a picture, so here is the right hand, prior to any work being carried out.

Client Pre Rebalance Right Hand

Client Pre Rebalance Right Hand

I am so thrilled with the minimal lifting that has occurred after 3 weeks, considering only just before Christmas my clients were barely getting a week out of their nails!!

The is the left hand after debulking and filling the lifted areas, it is also the hand where I came across another technicians work. After speaking to my tutor it was decided on this occasion to just de-bulk their work and re-apply using my products. It was actually quite an interesting task to accomplish. The first thing I noticed was the hardness of the product, I really had to put my file to work to thin the Enhancement down, but at the same time it felt incredibly brittle?? Areas that had lifted came off in chunks, unlike my EZ Flow which seem to disintegrate into dust.

Client Pre Rebalance Left Hand

Client Pre Rebalance Left Hand

Then came the easy bit of reapplying smile lines and my pink overlay. Then the sequence of files and buffers and I was all done 🙂

Client Post rebalance Right Hand

Client Post rebalance Right Hand

Client post rebalance Left Hand

Client post rebalance Left Hand

I was so so please with my smile lines for this evening and overall my final finish, especially for the Right Hand. The free edge was squared off exactly how I like it (and my client) and everything just felt so smooth.

So that’s it, my final assessment done and Passed!!! Only one lesson left to go and I will be a fully fledged qualified Nail Technician 🙂


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