Self Employment – One month on…

Wow, one month has already passed since I first started considering going Self-Employed.

The first major news….. I am now a qualified Nail Technician!! Woo Hoo! I don’t get any official documents until August/September but still I’m so so happy it’s official.

I am a bit of a perfectionist, so in order to set off a perfect example of who I am as a mobile technician I’ve been laying a few foundations…

Firstly Insurance. My documents are now all done and I officially hold Nail Technician Insurance through beauty insurers Salon Gold. 🙂 I’m hoping to move to ABT in the future more so because they provide a more elaborate introductory kit and of course the one year complementary subscription to Scratch magazine!!

I’ve also been working on a Website. I’ve been reading a few things on the internet and the main thing that always comes up is branding. Getting a domain name – and a simple one – as early as possible is the best way to ensure long term protection of your ‘name.’ So for that reason I invested in both and

I bought my domain names from to be honest I didn’t really know of anyone else, I just seen them advertised a lot on TV and went with them. They seemed to be a good price too and I invested in all the protection and business packages available and for the next 2 years too. It means I don’t have much to worry about next year and I can save a bit to invest in the following 5 years when my domain ownership is coming to an end.

What I didn’t take into account was the expense at having a site ‘host’ them – I think that is the correct terminology?? I currently have a site here at WordPress and another with vistaprint. So although I own the domain names I couldn’t actually use them unless I paid the individual website companies. It’s no bad thing of course, I just wish I knew about it – never mind it’s all a good learning point 🙂

As you can see, I’m currently using for my blog. It’s kind of understood that .com is the wider known domain ending and I like to think of .com as the worldwide option – getting out to the wider audience, so I just thought it was kind of fitting to use it for the blog site seeing as I get visitors from all corners of the earth reading what I have to write. (I’d like to say I am ever so thankful and appreciative of that, I love to write/keep diaries and this is just a form of that, I never thought it would actually be of interest to anyone, so thank you to everyone who has ever visited and read anything I’ve wrote 🙂 is going to be used for my Mobile Business Site. I can only offer my services to people in the UK, and more specifically the Poole area of Dorset – of course I have no objection to being flown out to anywhere in the world! Lol 🙂 – so it seemed more fitting to use my domain for that. I’m currently in the process of building it, but it will be live by the end of this week!! Then the fun will really begin 🙂

My next thing is presentation. All the effort and work I’ve done will be for nothing if I don’t look the part, so for that I have actually bought a uniform just for my mobile business. I could use my current college tunic, but seeing as I will be returning in a couple of weeks I will need it for that. Plus my new tunic is fuchsia pink and for anyone who doesn’t know, I LOVE Pink!! I’m hoping to get my (business) name printed on it but as yet I haven’t looked into anywhere yet, I’ll let it arrive first and go from there.

I’ve also invested in a few start up items too, mainly of the santising/sterilisng nature. My insurance kind of insists on it and is only valid if I maintain optimal sterilising/sanitising methods. I’ve bought a selection of Mundo products including a sterilising tray, which means I can sterlise on the go!! I’d been searching high & low for something that was transportable. Everyone has seen a barbicide jar on a Nail Technicians table but it really is unsuitable for the mobile technician, my little Tray raises my tools in and out of the solution, so I don’t get blue fingers and it means my clients always get sanitised tools. The other item was a bead steriliser. Yes a bit of an expense, but this item will remain at home and my tools can have a good clean at the end of everyday 🙂 As you can see I’m taking the health and safety of my clients extremely seriously!

So for now, that is it. The next steps of going mobile complete. I am now ready to take my skills and unleash them!! I’m so excited by that and I can’t wait to tell you how my first month goes……

Before I go, I found this quote, and it is absolutely everything I believe in. Yes money would be nice, but satisfaction for me is built on making a difference in a persons life, to make a person smile and to inspire them. x

Make a Difference

Make a Difference!


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