South Coast Nail Industry Awards – They asked… Who or What Inspired you?

So a few weeks back I entered my first nail competition. I was hoping to enter the UK Nail Tech 2015 competition that is being held in Birmingham next month, but then I heard about SCNIA. Not only was it being held on the south coast, among all the places they could have held it, they picked 20 minutes from me at the gorgeous Captains Club Hotel!! I took it has a sign and decided to go for it.

I had no idea what to expect or how the process would work. Initially all I had to fill out was some personal details and then examples of my recent work, originally I heard nothing until 12 days ago when they said I had been entered into phase 2 of the competition!!

Aside from telling me I have been selected, they also want to know a bit more about me. One of the questions they have asked me is…

Who or what inspired you to venture into the nail industry?

I guess you could say Father Christmas (well my parents Lol!!) Yes, if you have read my bio page you’ll know that Christmas was my favorite time of year, I was always guaranteed nail polishes. I remember one year receiving a helter skelter shaped stand with 15 or so mini polishes on it. I loved it! I’ve always loved make-up and experimenting – on a personal note much of that stemed from having awful facial acne from a young age and during much of my adultolescent years and trying everything I could to disguise it. It never worked – as we know.

Once I finished my A-levels however, I went to college to do my Beauty Therapy course, but was something that never went further then that???

10 years later my 30th birthday was fast approaching!!…. Work was becoming tremulous and I was waking up to the fact I hadn’t really accomplished what I wanted to in life career wise. I wanted then to return to college to take a Nail Technician course, but the saying is true if you want something hard enough you will fight and find a way to have it! 2 years ago I didn’t 😦

But then I received the most amazing Chirstmas present from my Mother-In-Law…. The ciate Christmas Calender!! That was it I fell in love with polish all over again. I started my Twitter account and started talking and finding some wonderful people. My main Twitter shout out goes to @Seriouslynails getting involved with Nails Magazine 30 day nail challenge has led me to getting to know this wonderful lady. What she knows about the nail industry, OPI (one of my favourite polish brands) and the wonderful stories she has to tell is so inspiring to me, she probably doesn’t know that – but she will now 🙂

Seeing all the things she has accomplished and still is was something that last year really made me push to enroll on my Nail Technician course. And I am so, so thankful to her I did.

Towards the end of 2014 personally was, well not very good… the butterfly effect of my ciate calender, starting my twitter account, @seriouslynails, my other Twitter nail friends, @nailsmandy among others :-), my own personal friends and family, starting college, getting to know my tutor and my amazing classmates all contributed to helping me get through it all, seeing past the fog and ultimately to where I am today.

They are who inspire me!

What inspires me is the aim to make a difference in peoples lives.

Going mobile initially was to prove I could do it and didn’t have to depend on an ’employer’ to earn a living. As the months have moved on, my vision as changed – and for the better. I want to help nail biters everywhere, introduce treatment/recovery plans. For both men & women! I want to help the industry with better standards and education, in fact my long term plan is to open a Training/Education center and one that involves months of training, not days!

I want to raise awareness to clients about a minimum standard and getting what you pay for. I’m so so fortunate to have been going to a Nail Salon for the last 4 years where I’ve never had a problem, in fact my Technician noticed an allergy before I did – I just thought I was stressed! That is education and experience. We are people after all, we should be developing relationships with our technicians as we do our hairdressers.

In the meantime……..

I had hoped to publish this post last Sunday, but the weather has been undeniably gorgeous at the moment so I’ve kind of been enjoying it. That turnned out to be not such a bad thing as this post leads into this news……

SCNIA L&P Finalist 2015

SCNIA L&P Finalist 2015

I had confirmation Saturday night that I am a finalist for the competition and will be competing!!! I am so honoured to have been picked, I never believed I was that good to have been picked for the short list never mind as a finalist. 

I am actually nervous as anything, I hardly slept the night I found out & there are still another 6 to go :/ but I’m doing this for the experience. Many people wish to win – they’d say what would be the point in entering otherwise?? To be honest I’m just hoping to get there, remember all my kit, abide by the rules & finish a set on time, I think that’ll be quite enough of an accomplishment for one day! I’m the kind of person who appreciates other peoples happiness too. We all have our own stories & personal hardships & quite frankly anything that keeps the spotlight off me is top of my list. 

I wish all the finalists the best of luck, 2 are my previous college classmates, so I’ll definitely be doing some cheering for them 🙂

Roll on Sunday!


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