Pedicure Course – Week One

I’m Back!!

Yes, that’s right it’s back to School for me. I knew as my Nail Technician course was coming to an end I wasn’t quite ready to give up learning. So now I’m back, on a different day, with different friends to make and a different course to take.

Many people are ‘funny’ about feet but for me I see it has a very good additional treatment to offer especially because I have a Gel-Colour course coming up shortly and most importantly… It’s Flip Flop season!! 🙂

The other reason is the future ‘cosmetic’ treatments I want to be able to offer, and that’s the re-building of toenails. Many people are ashamed of their feet for one reason or another but to have lost a toenail must be the hardest to come to terms with. I think for ladies this is especially hard, we all have a desire to wear strappy open-toe shoes, flip-flops or to just be bare-foot in the sand, I want to be able to give women their confidence back to be able to do that. By having both my Nail technician Training under my belt and now with this course I am really hoping to accomplish that 🙂

Back to the evening….

Well this time round we are a tiny group, just five of us, last night consisted of getting to know each other and a few highlights are;

  • There is a man in the class!! The background to this is so touching though. It started with him painting his wife’s nails due to her developing shaky hands and being unable to do it herself. He decided he actually enjoyed it and wanted to take it further, so after having accomplished the Nail Tech qualification he is now doing the pedicure course. His day job is in Massage & Reflexology, but still I find it so lovely the circumstances that led him to this course.
  • One of my classmates gets her name from a french champagne and not one of the common brands either.
  • Another travels over 20 miles to take the course, that doesn’t sound too bad, but considering she doesn’t drive & does the whole journey on foot and by train, that’s something! It takes her 2 hours each way to do the journey.!

I have yet to meet my fifth classmate but I’m looking forward to meeting yet another new face 🙂

After our little getting to know your session, it was onto the course. And first thing on the agenda was contraindications and that meant pictures!! Not nice ones either…. We had some pretty garish slides showing verruca’s, athlete’s foot!, and something I’ve never come across before… Hammer Toe. Although after speaking to the girls at work apparently this is quite common?! Who Knew???

It was also time for the first assignment, Eek. This is mainly due to us not having a lesson next week – Gotta love an English Bank Holiday – so the sooner it gets started the better. Thankfully this time round there is only one and it’s only 9 questions!!

So that’s it, all done. I must admit I was so tired by 4pm Monday I was actually considering not going at all, but I pushed through and I’m so glad I did! It’s true what they say, it’s not how you feel before it’s how you feel after that proves if you love something or not. From being a complete zombie I ended up completely pepped and full of enthusiasm and new found inspiration, I’m so excited for the next 14 or so weeks 🙂

I can’t wait!!


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