Pedicure Week 2 – Pedicure Routine

Tonight we finally got stuck into some practical 😀

After refreshing ourselves with some Theory after a week off for the spring bank holiday it was onto setting up our stations ready to practice.

I adore pedicures although when I go to my local salon I normally ask for a customised treatment, usually light cuticle work, Gellish finish & a lower leg massage. I wear very high heels so my legs are very thankful for this part of the treatment!

So on that note, while the rest of my class were very conscious of getting their feet out my shoes were practically off & my feet were ready.

For pedicure it is very similar to manicure although a few prior checks are required. Firstly gloves are a must, my feet were inspected to ensure I had no contra-indications and to assess the condition of my feet. Then they were put into soak, umm bliss….

It was then the principles of the manicure came into action. Filling, yes this is done on wet toenails as they are generally harder & so a short time in soak allows them to soften and then Cuticle work with the use of creams & remover. After that the foot file was used to remove any hard skin. I’m proud to say that even with my love of skyscraper heels I’m not really prone to suffer from it so this part was over quite quickly, which is a shame because the next bit was then the last step for me and my role as model…. Leg & foot scrub. This was amazing! A little does go a long way & my college buddy gave me an almost mini massage, bliss. ☺️ After it was washed off that was it, my ‘half’ pedicure was over. It was then on to provide her with a similar treatment.

The thing i noticed the most was getting comfortable. The chairs we had were standard office meeting chairs, so i noticed very early on in treatment the upper half of my legs were straining to help with the leverage of keeping my leg up. I was more conscious of this when it came to providing my class mate with her treatment especially as she is pregnant. Comfort is definitely something I need to consider so I’ll be doing a bit of research into pedicure chairs.

So with week 2 over,  week 3 I have heat treatment and massages 🙂


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