The Dream Job!!…….. Subscription Service

This is a bit of an unexpected post… I’m currently trying to catch up on writing about my past few weeks in my pedicure course when i received a little Facebook notification informing me my Sister-In-Law had mentioned me in a post?…….

As she doesn’t live near me, its normally because my niece has done something nail related – she wants to do nails like me when she’s older, awww 🙂 Well this was nail related and as much as I love my neice, this was soooo much better!

A Dream job of sampling and potentially assisting with the curating of the lacquers for Nailbox, the UK’s multi-brand Nail Varnish subscription service! Oh.My.Days!!!

The link was provided via what i can only describe as a mumsnet type post – a mum/parent community based website – I don’t normally follow these kind of sites, but thankfully on this occasion someone close to me did 🙂 As stated it would suit someone of flexible hours aka a parent, so a positive, they also require you basically give up housework… well, I’m one of the lucky few, because apart from the occasional hoovering and filling the washing machine I basically get away with doing not much else, so another positive 🙂 So whats the downside…. well i think only true bloggers who swatch can really comment on the effort involved in painting, photographing and reviewing Lacquers… I’m currently reviewing the wonderful pastels shades that have been released by UK chain Poundland, and as much as I love it, it’s not half time consuming. Although in my defense I am also reviewing it’s longevity, it is after all a £1 varnish and regardless of price I still think a minimum of 3 days should be a given, but more about that later in the week. Back to the (literal) job at hand.

Of course jobs like this are few and far between and I expect thousands of applicants may apply, but still, I plan to put my piece together and definitely apply for this. As much as I love being a Nail Technician I still feel the need for a lot more practice, I’m even considering returning for the diploma course!…..

So, if anyone else is interested in this amazing opportunity the link from Nailbox’s website is here 

Even if I don’t get the job, I am signing up for the subscription box as we speak! I was somewhat intrigued by an article from UK renowned nail magazine Scratch when the April box was being released and then even more so by this review from blogger The Naily Mail but held off… I then debated about the May box and again held off…. But now I’ve had a sneak peek at June’s box I’m so excited because there is a bottle of Seche Vite top coat in that box! So, I am no longer procrastinating, I am signing up!

So whatever your background, parent, blogger, nail tech. If you have a passion for nails this is a dream come true, I’m applying….are you?….. 🙂 x


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