Pedicure Week Four – Practice Session

Week Four in my course and we it’s onto clients!

Firstly I found it such a struggle to locate volunteers for my pedicure practical, I thought people would be lining up?! I know I would! Having a pedicure is one of the most amazing treatments to have done, it is so relaxing and can really revive tired, aching feet. I love having mine done.

I manged to secure one client quite quickly, my hairdresser, she has just come back from a month in Thailand so I know she was thrilled at the prospect of having her feet attended too.

My second client (after a quick ring round on Facebook) was a girl I used to work with. She gets her hands done regularly so was looking forward to a bit of pampering on her feet & toes

First up was my hairdresser. She was the first to admit she had spent a month basically not wearing shoes and it showed. She had also had a pedicure in Thailand, unfortunately it was not very well done – well actually it was over done! I could tell that at some point her feet had bleed from over use of a foot rasp/blade, however due to it healing it was only a contra-indication/restriction and not something that was going to prevent the pedicure from happening. It was actually the kind of feet I would look forward too, a challenge and something to get my teeth into.

I love giving pedicures, just like I do manicures. I find them so relaxing and therapeutic, I prefer the natural benefits for the client too. Improved nail & skin condition, increased blood flow, the relaxed after feeling. This occasion was no different, I just steadily went through the treatment routine and aside from my additional time spent for rasping I was on target. One thing I noticed with my client was slight lifting on her big toe nail. She had obviously caught it recently and suffered some damaged, the nail was becoming discoloured too, so I made her aware that she may have a slight infection starting and to keep an eye on it. We had already decided pre-treatment that she was going to have a french manicure finish, but i was a little doubtful it may not hide the discoloration?…..

I needn’t have worried, the pink was just the right shade and applying the white on top instead of under the pink gave a lovely finish overall 🙂

I’m so gutted on this occasion I didn’t take any pictures, the transformation to the look of her feet and nails after was amazing – if I don’t say so myself.

She visited me a few days later too to do my hair and I casually mentioned her feet looked nice, completely forgetting I’d done them! She said she had had loads of comments on them and that she loved the french finish, a change from her usual colour finish.

Next up was my colleague. After having my work cut out for me with my previous client, it was kind of nice to have a client that needed minimal rasping and for me to prefect my treatment routine. My required finish for this client was a coloured polish, seeing as on this occasion I had forgotten to use any, I turned to the brand the college use, CND Vinylux. I have never used this before but its basis is a longer lasting Gel-esque finish, no UV lamp required. The original I believe too, as since its launch in 2013 more & more brands have since come forward with their own interpretation. It made for really good coverage and a polish I will most likely look further into. From a business point of view I want to provide many different types of finishes, I know not all clients will want the standard Gel Polish, but knowing they are getting something a little longer wearing then traditional polish is something I want to offer too.

So an easy end for my Practice session and my client too, she nearly fell asleep, so I can only take that as a compliment. 🙂

Doing these sessions has me looking into renting a space. I love doing acrylic extensions, although I much prefer being over the top and creative with it, hey, they aren’t called enhancements for nothing, and I’m still on a mission to promote natural nail health and the benefits of manicures & pedicures.

Life is so busy that we need to invest time in ourselves, enhancements are great and I love them, my reasons though are for art, I adore inch (or 2!!) nails with mini works of art on them, I can’t remember the last time I had a set of pink & whites done!…… From a technician point of view if that’s what you are after maybe a course of manicures and gel polish finish would a better option, even more so if you are having a nail length not much longer then you are used too. Plus have you ever actually had a spa manicure or pedicure? Try one, I promise, you will not be disappointed 🙂


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