Pedicure Week Five – Assessment Night

So here we are week 5 and already on to my first of three assessments!

Like last week I had a real struggle to find a client, I ended up putting out an SOS on my personal Facebook account to try and summon a volunteer… Thankfully an old work colleague of mine put me in the direction of her daughter and my very willing client was found 🙂

For tonight I have an array of pictures including the very first appearance of me! The reason for this… well, Tara my client is a very active blogger who writes about her very active life. I highly recommend visiting her site and catching up with her daily & weekly events, she will make even the most seasoned coach potato get up and get active, her activities leave you very inspired – you can find her website here or if twitter is more your thing follow her here 🙂

Continuing with Tara’s active lifestyle, she came into me having just completed a 3 mile run! We had already had a bit of a text session about this, I told her it was fine she was coming to me straight from her run, one of the first things we do is soak the feet and for the first bit I wear gloves anyway. Health & Hygiene standards are very high when it comes to pedicures so if the client is fine with the standard of their feet, then who am I to question it, plus it’s nice to be the foot fairy godmother when they see the end result!! 😉

First thing was a full consultation. The college ones are 2 sides of A4 paper, very thorough! It does however have a little bit of legal in it, including the client accepting full knowledge for any disorders, diseases or underlying medical conditions that could prevent of put the technician at risk. The is also a check list for products used, environmental factors like music & lighting and then of course the assessment of the clients skin and nail condition. Once that is completed and the objective for what the client wishes from the treatment we can then begin.

Sanitiser is applied to the client feet and legs while also taking (a mental) analysis of the condition of the skin & nails, old nail varnish is then removed before the feet are then placed in a nice warm bubbly soak…. Bliss…..

Pedicure Stage 1, Removing Old Varnish

Pedicure Stage 1, Removing Old Varnish

A brief soak to soften the toe nails and then we move on to filing and cuticle work. Its pretty much a  replica of a manicure. When cuticle cream is applied the feet soak a bit longer before being removed ready for cuticle remover to be applied and them onto rasping.

Pedicure, Rasping

Pedicure, Rasping

Considering Tara’s active lifestyle, she didn’t need much of this at all, so a few moments on the usual spots and I was done.

We then moved onto my favorite treatment, Paraffin wax! I love it, unfortunately I’m not lucky enough to own one at home, so I use every opportunity possible to use the one at college. It seems to be one of the treatments you don’t hear about and yet has the most amazing effect on peoples skin. It’s going to be top of my pedicure treatment list. The removal of it always astounds me too, for anyone who doesn’t know, you quite simply roll it off, its amazing! I always try and compete with myself to try and remove it in one piece, I’m getting much better but still finding the odd stray bits…

Pedicure Treatment, Paraffin Wax

Pedicure Treatment, Paraffin Wax Application

Pedicure Treatment, Paraffin Wax Removal

Pedicure Treatment, Paraffin Wax Removal

After the treatment, Paraffin or hot booties, the skin is well prepared for the massage. Again something I love doing just to see how relaxed my clients get and again its one of those treatments where additional skills would be a benefit, reflexology anyone?…..

We then came to the final part of the pedicure, Nail Polish application. For this I turned again to the brand the college use, CND Vinylux. Tara chose a orange shade for this and it complemented her tan perfectly.

So here we are… before and after

Pedicure Before

Pedicure Before

Pedicure After

Pedicure After

I can’t wait to start doing this for clients. Manicures & Pedicures have become firm friends to me. When I do my Gel color course I’m considering offering Mani’s & Pedi’s at significant marginal prices, I really think they are underestimated.

Well that’s another evening down, I can’t wait for my next set of clients 🙂


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