Pedicure Week Six – Exams

Week Six and it is already Exam night. Eek

I hate exams! Written ones especially. To be fair the college ones aren’t all that hard, they are multiple choice or with pictures you have to match to the words, childs play really in comparison to my Swedish Massage exam 12 years ago… all diagrams and nothing else…..

Tonight was only 2 papers too, as my Pedicure course is an additional unit to my Nail Technician course I don’t have any need to retake Health & Safety 🙂

I wasn’t as confident with this exam, I was thoroughly prepared for my previous one as I was fortunate enough to have a LOT of free time on my hands, this time around however I’ve been working, not a good excuse I know, but time as simply slipped away from me….. The only thing I really needed to brush up on however was my lower leg anatomy. Environmental factors, aftercare advice & skin and nail conditions were ingrained in my brain from my previous revision so I did a very last minute cram session the night before and then hoped for the best  :-/

So how did I do….. Well if you’ve already seen my Twitter feed you’ll know I Passed!! Hooray 🙂 🙂

I actually passed with a higher percentage in my Anatomy & physiology paper then in my Client & Treatment paper??? I was convinced I didn’t pass either, so now all I have to worry about is verbal questioning, but I prefer that anyway.

So that’s it, another night of college done. I am now half way through my course, with 2 assessments left to go too, think it’s time to start looking at my next course…..


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