Poundland Spring Pastel Shades Review

You know that saying, you wait ages for a bus and then two come at once, well last weekend that was me and nail polishes.

This years budget hasn’t allowed me to splurge on polish, especially my beloved OPI has it did last year, so I’ve been going through a bit of a Nail Polish buying hiatus, but a recent trip to poundland – they do the best nail jewels FYI – and temptation got the better of me, plus for a £1 each could I really say no……

The question is, Is a £1 nail polish really worth it. So that is this weeks review. Firstly the lovely shades I bought. Left to right is ’40.Pink Sherbet’ ’43.Bambino Blue’ ’41.Mint Milkshake’ ’42.Lavender Cream’

Poundland Pastel Varnishes

Poundland Pastel Varnishes

Poundland launched a new beauty range to their stores and their current Polish range has over 40 shades! These pastel shades are the newest colours to the range. They are really lovely colours and what you see in the bottle is what you get on the nail 🙂

Firstly the most important thing, prepping the nails. It does not matter if you have the most expensive polish in the world or the cheapest, if you do not have a clean canvas to start with all your good efforts will be for nothing. Always start with a quick maintenance manicure before applying any varnish, investing in some time now and you will reap the benefits.

My mini manicure is pretty simple.

  • File Nails
  • Apply Cuticle Remover (I use OPI) or cream & leave for 5 mins
  • Push back cuticles with a rubber hoof stick using circular movements
  • Apply Scrub & wash off (Occasionally I’ll use my Kaeso Manicure Scrub but on most occasions I just use a standard body scrub)
  • Wipe over nails with a cotton pad soaked in non-acetone remover, preferably a conditioning one
  • Apply your chosen base coat

Now you have a nice clean, even base ready for your color. The colour I decided to go for was the mint green shade ’41. Mint Milkshake’

The first thing I have to say is I love the brushes. they are lovely and thick and the shape is just perfect, it has a C shape which is perfect for applying polish into the edges/sides of the nail.

My first coat was incredibly streaky, using a bit extra polish on my brush helped as I went on and as the bottle says, it was a very quick drying polish.

Poundland '41.Mint Milkshake' 1 Coat

Poundland ’41.Mint Milkshake’ 1 Coat

In no time at all, I was ready for the second coat. Coverage wasn’t great after the second coat & for a complete opaque look a third would be advised, but as I test all my polishes based on 2 coats only I decided to leave it at that and see if a top coat evened everything out.

Poundland '41.Mint Milkshake' 2 Coats

Poundland ’41.Mint Milkshake’ 2 Coats (No Topcoat)

Once my second coat was completely dried, I applied a top coat and re-capped the edges. This is important for any polish application, wear & tear will be less noticeable if you do this.

Here is the final stages of the manicure

  • Apply 2 coats of your colour, ensuring you cap the edges on the second coat & leave to dry completely.
  • Apply top coat, again capping the edges.
  • Apply Cuticle oil
  • Apply hand cream

As a professional, aftercare advice is also a must. If you follow this advice for any brand of polish you wear not only will you find your nails increase in length and strength but also that your polish will last a lot longer.

Firstly, your nails are not tools. Be kind to them and you could end up with lovely long nails, I always use forks/knives/scissors to open any kind of can or tin. Also, use gloves for any type of housework, chemicals and solvents are not kind to your skin or to your neatly applied polish.

My day job is an administrator, so that means a lot of time on a computer, but again I don’t use my nails to type, I use the pads of my fingertips. Avoid drumming or tapping your nails and not only will you find they grow but also that your polish will last longer.

Use cuticle creams & hand moisturisers often. My general rule is every time my hands have been in water. This will help keep your nails and skin soft and smooth and help reduce those pesky hangnails.

And lastly and the best way to preserve you polished manicure, apply a top coat every other day. Just a thin layer and capping your free edge will really make a difference.

So how did my £1 polish do? Well here are the pictures from 5 days worth of wear 🙂

Day One

Day One (24 hours of wear)

Day Two

Day Two

Day Three

Day Three

Day Four

Day Four

Day Five

Day Five

As you can see, the polish held up incredibly well. It doesn’t claim to be a long wearing polish, just a quick drying one, but I’d still expect at least 3 days minimum wear, so I’m very impressed by 5 days! By day five however stress cracks were starting to appear at the sides of my nails – not that you would notice – but the key thing here is it got me through my working week and aside from a little 5-10 minute maintenance every other night I had no other worries. My Nails looked professional & maintained the whole week 🙂

Some of the other colours in the range are really lovely and after this I’ll definitely consider buying them. For a £1 you really can’t go wrong! 🙂

Oh, back to my ‘Bus’ analogy…. So after a morning shopping I popped over to my parents who had just come back from holiday and with them they had got me a souvenir!! After months of not buying OPI they got me the cutest little OPI mini’s set. Check these out!

OPI Mini's Passport to Colour

OPI Mini’s Passport to Colour

I can’t wait to try these classic OPI colours, especially because even with my vast collection these are colours I don’t own!!

Have a good week everyone, until next time x


2 thoughts on “Poundland Spring Pastel Shades Review

  1. lolarocks says:

    I look forward to popping into poundland and giving these s try!
    Well done on the OPI minis, I treated myself on the plane on the way to lanzarote in April. Love them! Was a bit disappointed they wouldn’t dry properly on holiday due to the heat but now I’m home they dry beautifully. The diet coke ones are my favourite combo. Enjoy!

    Liked by 1 person

    • elbienails says:

      Thank you for your comment 😀 The aftercare advice is the most important bit, that really will extend the life of the polish 🙂
      OPI is my favourite brand & the Coca-Cola collection was my favourite last year, I’m normally a pink lover but fell in love with ‘Today I Accomplished Zero’ it is such a unique colour.
      Good luck with the polishes 💅

      Liked by 1 person

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