June Box

If you love Nail polish as much as I do, then I’m pretty sure you will have heard about Nail Subscription boxes. I signed up very recently for’s service and this week it arrived!! June Box June Box

I have been so excited about this months box as it contained the absolute god of top coats – Seche Vite. The retails for about £10.99 but I’m lucky as a professional to buy it at the tiny, tiny price of £5.49! Sometimes being a professional has it’s benefits 🙂

So why did I sign up for the Nail box if I can get things cheaper. Well, us pro’s can’t get everything cheaper, NailsInc being one example, and this months gem costs £15 on its own from the NailsInc website! The other thing is I’m very brand loyal and OPI is always my go too…. However I’ve decided now is the time to expand my horizons and leave the decisions in someone else’s hand. So by paying £15 a month I let someone else surprise me by choosing other brands to try, and who doesn’t love surprises?!

So onto the contents, this months box contained 3 colours, the ‘halo’ top coat and a nail tool. 🙂

First up is NailsInc ‘Colville Mews.’

NailsInc Colville Mews Bottle Shot

NailsInc Colville Mews Bottle Shot

NailsInc Colville Mews Swatch

NailsInc Colville Mews Swatch

This is a Gel Effect polish in a lovely beige shade. At first I wasn’t too keen, I think it made me look slightly washed out. But a second glance and I was really starting to love it. It’s a very grown up colour and definitely one for the work place. 2 coats was all it took for a completely opaque finish. I’ll be honest I didn’t really wait to see what the ‘Gel Effect’ was, there is a high gloss shine but no different then I remember from ciate polishes – but don’t quote me on, I will test that theory…

And why didn’t I wait, well I was too excited about trying Seche Vite.

Seche Vite Top Coat

Seche Vite Top Coat

This is the absolute Gem of top coats, almost all Nail Technicians I follow, rave about it. As someone very keen on promoting natural nail health I’m so glad to have come across the most ultra fast drying Top Coat I have ever used. Honestly 2 minutes tops and my nails were ready to go! What.A.God.Send!! This I will be using for all future clients, no more worrying about needing them to sit still for a minimum 10-15minutes!!

When I’m done with this I’ll definitely be buying more, having looked again at my trade catalog I can just buy the refill bottle of 118ml for less then £15! Bargin! Thank you so much Nailbox for adding this to this month’s subscription package.

Next up was my first ever experience with Essie. This months box had a lovely true orange shade of Essie ‘roarrrrange’

Essie 'roarrrrange' Bottle Shot

Essie ‘roarrrrange’ Bottle Shot

Essie 'roarrrrange' Swatch

Essie ‘roarrrrange’ Swatch

The one thing I love about this brand is the brushes. Just the right amount of thickness on them but the main thing is the roundness of them which makes it much easier to get around the cuticle area. The coverage of the polish was excellent too. One thick coat would have been enough, but 2 lighter coats gave a lovely even finish.

For my first try of Essie I really do like them, as I said it wouldn’t be a brand I’d buy myself so its nice to have the option forced upon me 🙂

The last of the colours was a red from Tanya Burr.

Tanya Burr 'Mischief Managed' Bottle Shot

Tanya Burr ‘Mischief Managed’ Bottle Shot

Tanya Burr 'Mischief Managed' Swatch

Tanya Burr ‘Mischief Managed’ Swatch

I had to use Google for this as it was a brand I have never heard off. Turns out Tanya Burr is a beauty blogger who has been around for a good 6 years or so now and just recently launched her own brand of beauty products that are available in Superdrug. Her Nail Polish range retails for £5.99

This is a very good red! Great coverage in 2 coats and reminds me very much of my endless OPI reds I seem to accumulate. A true stunning red, for the price I would highly recommend it, it sure beats an £11 OPI!! I’m quite interested to see if anymore from her range appear in future boxes?…..

Finally, the nail tool. Here we have cuticle nippers.

Elegant Touch Cuticle Nippers

Elegant Touch Cuticle Nippers

Firstly, these are excellent quality, as it says, they are Professional cuticle nippers. As a professional I want to be clear on that point. These tools are very sharp and will cause damage if you don’t use them right. If you are already looking after your nails I doubt you’ll use these very much, and for those that don’t, use with caution. It is so easy to get carried away and to end up cutting into live skin. Maintenance once a week should be enough, as you would a manicure.

Trust me, you would not see a Manicurist one day where they would use these, for you to return the following day for a manicure and for them to use them again.

If you find you have to ‘tug’ at the cuticle or surrounding skin, then it is not dead and therefore not ready to be removed, if you do you will most likely bleed and leave yourself susceptible to infections and that is never good. There are plenty of nail tutorials out there who can explain how to use nippers correctly if you are unsure.

My tip would be invest in a good cuticle cream/remover, push back your cuticles with either a rubber hoof stick or an orange stick wrapped in cotton wool and then remove the stubborn bits with your nippers.

As I said, these are an excellent and good quality addition to your manicure box, , and I am most definitely keeping mine for myself.

So that’s it. I’m so happy with my box this month and I can not wait to see what hidden treasures appear in next month box 🙂



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