Pedicure Week Seven – Assessment 2/3

Tonight was Assessment number 2.

My Thailand visiting client from a few weeks ago was back and I was really looking forward in helping getting her feet back into a great condition.

As she is a hairdresser too, she hasn’t had much chance to rest her feet, so it was another incentive to provide her a relaxing treatment as well as some much needed TLC.

A quick text informed me she still had the polish on from when we last met, so it was nice to know what to expect on her arrival.

Assessment 2 - Client before Picture

Assessment 2 – Client before Picture

Just a note the lighting wasn’t great for this picture so its come out a little green, believe me though her toes really were not green! Other then that I was quite impressed the polish held up for 3 weeks!

For today’s assessment I really wanted to carry out the paraffin wax treatment. I knew this would be just the perfect treatment for her dry soles and as we were unable to carry it out previously due to her cuts I really wanted to treat her to the benefits of this deep treatment.

After sanitising and assessing her feet and toes it was into soak. Her feet in general was in much better condition this time round and had really held up well over the previous weeks.

After soak it was onto filing, yes you heard that right. If you haven’t read my previous posts then the reason for this is due to toenails generally being harder and thicker then fingernails, a quick soak allows them to soften and therefore easier to file 🙂 An application of cuticle cream was applied to her toenails before putting them into another soak, then it was onto cuticle work…

Cuticle Work

Pedicure Assessment – Cuticle Work

Its amazing how quick overgrown cuticles can happen on the toenails, but they are also incredibly easy to remove, and usually just a hoof stick is enough. After pushing them back and removing the dead skin if was then rasping time.

This was quite a big process again and the portion of the treatment that took the longest, but I was adamant to make an improvement on her soles but without causing friction burns from over use either. Apparently this is very common, so ensuring even strokes and continuously checking how smooth the skin is ensures you are working on hard skin and not fresh skin!

Next, it was paraffin wax time 🙂

Paraffin Wax Treatment, Application

Paraffin Wax Treatment, Application

Again, for anyone who has been reading my journey through Nail Technician training and Pedicure training, the paraffin wax treatment is my favourite. Everyone should experience it at least once in their lifetime, it truely is an indulgent experience!

My favourite part is the removal, I can only describe it as like the moment the caterpillar sheds itself to become the butterfly, the transformation in the skin is amazing, it becomes sooooo baby soft!!

Paraffin Wax, Removal

Paraffin Wax, Removal

The advantage to heated treatment too is that it prepares the skin for massage. By opening the pores the massage cream can really soak in and help soften the skin for longer. The massage is another favourite step for me, it really is nice to see a client relaxed so much they are literally falling asleep…..

After that we then reach the final part of the treatment, polish. This time we got to pick a colour too and for that – and the toenails – nothing is better then red!

Polish Application

Polish Application

My client has amazing long toenails so I was really looking forward to this…. and the transformation was amazing

Pedicure, Finished Treatment

Pedicure, Finished Treatment

I love how they turned out, the condition of my clients feet and the colour!

The more I do pedicures though the more I lean towards natural nails. I really need to get our there and promote the wonderful effects of having manicures & pedicures done, and lets be honest who doesn’t love an excuse to be pampered 🙂


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