Pedicure Week 8 – Assessment 3/3

Well this is it, my last assessment and almost the end of my course 😔

I am feeling slightly sad about that has I know I’m not ready to give up learning about nails & that’s just the basics, the industry is ever moving which is perfect for me as I’m always eager & willing to learn! 📖📚

So back to my evening… It called for another SOS call out on Facebook & to my rescue came a wonderful lady who I did my Nail Technician course with, so not only did I gain a client but it was also a chance for a girly catchup 😀

For this evenings assessment I had to use foot mask, heated booties & finish with a French Polish 💅

But first came my experience with a different kind of polish….

My client came in with red polish on her toe nails, a lovely colour it was too & then I tried to take it off… My first lesson learnt is too always to ask what polish the client has on. I didn’t… So spent 20mins trying to get it off before she mentioned it was Gel II she was wearing, doh!! Another 10mins later & we were ready to go.

It’s always good to have moments like this as I think it really sets you up for being out in a salon or similar, at least I know to ask the question & to prepare for it, imagine the backlog if this happened in a salon?! Being 30 minutes behind is never good for business 😳

The remainder of the treatment went as expected, no more surprises. I think my client was shocked though by what can be removed with a foot file!! Sometimes I am too, It really is an amazing tool!

The foot mask combined with the heated booties was an intriguing experience. Our masks have menthol & peppermint in so although you have this cooling feeling against your skin at the same time you feel a heat too… Very interesting. The one thing about menthol/peppermint based masks is the removal after, if you don’t do this irritation can occur as the products continue to work against your skin, look what toothpaste does on a tiny pimple throughout night! 

It was then onto massage, I’m pleased to say by this time my client admitted she was extremely relaxed, always a good sign 😀 the last step of the evening was French Polish & my client was good to go.

So here is my before & after, curtesy of my client 💅👣

So now my last assessment is over, oh & passed 👌 and also because I received an adequent pass mark on my written exam my course is all but over 😥

I just need to return to sign over my log book answer a few verbal questions & im done, I really need to think about what’s next, but we shall see….


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