Pedicure – Final Evening

So last night was my final evening at college 😥

I’m really quite sad about that & more so because there are no more evening courses avaiable relevant to nails. When my Nail Technician course ended I did get in abit of a state but at least I had the pedicure course as an option… Which I took 😀

So what now… Well after signing off my log book & going through the veins, arteries & lymphatic system of the upper & lower legs it was time to discuss what’s next?….

I do have an option but whether it’s feasible or not is a big if!! It’s the full time Level 3 Dipolma in Nail Technology. I absolutely love the syllabus for this course. Not only will I get to refine (or if I want relearn) my skills with Hard Gel and Liquid & Powder also included will be

  • Sculpting
  • Gel polish
  • Airbrushing
  • Advanced Nail Art
  • Fibreglass Application

Plus the chance to enter national competitions & other enrichment courses!! I am so so excited about it!!

The big BUT is my family responsibilities I am after all a mum to 2 boys. Not only do I need to get them to school but I’ll also need to provide for them & that means having a job that pays for food & keeps a roof over their tiny little noggins! Full time college is only 3 days a week, all day. However I need to be constantly challenged & strechted in a job which is one of the reasons I love my current job role. 

Unfortunately I’ve only just recently started at my new job role, so asking for a change in hours just seems wrong & disrespectful in my eyes, on the other hand it’s so hard going to work every day & constantly thinking about nails, more so because like I said, I don’t know what’s next… 

I do have a small selection of clients, but not enough to be self-sufficient, I still currently charge discounted prices, 1 to gain skills & 2 because my student insurance doesn’t run out until end of August & it doesn’t make sense to pay for 2!

I’m really up in the air with it all…..

At the moment it’s a lot to think about, so just need to go away & discuss the pros & cons…

So that’s it another course completed 😀 I’m so so happy with myself to be qualified in Enhancements, manicures & pedicures, it really is a dream come true, now to wait for my certificates 📜📜💅👣


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