Coloristiq ‘Festival’ Manicure June Box

A little late coming to the party with this post, but I really wanted to show just how amazing the Coloristiq Monthly Manicure Boxes are!! They are truly a delivery of little presents 😀📦

I managed to snag the June box during the sale so I was lucky enough to pay just £11.99 for mine, although there was a delivery charge too.

Let’s cut to the chase, manly because I’m just to excited!!

My box arrived like this

A plain, little box you may think?… Nope! Employees at Coloristiq obviously loved pass the parcel when they were younger, look what was waiting when I opened it….

How exciting is that to open up to?! And there was more unwrapping to come… Once the lovely ribbon was untied my little gold box was opened & I was greeted with this.

Just look at how gorgeously wrapped it all is! 

So what did I get in my box. Well the theme was Festival & I really did get the epitome of festival colours. A blue, green & purple!

I’ll be honest when I first seen the colours I was abit disappointed anyone who knows me, knows my favourite colour is pink & in general I just love the girly things in life so these colours were abit of a shock…. And then I remembered why I bought the manicure box 💅

I’m currently OPI obsessed & quite brand loyal so I’ve decided now is the time to branch out & try other brands. However, if it was down to me I’d probebly just go out & buy only the pinks & glitters and that’s not really the aim of the game. Having the manicure box delivered to me with no control over its contents is the perfect solution. As I also try & do some form of nail art based on each colour it gives me a chance to try & stretch myself on colours I wouldn’t normally choose 😀 See, all around, thumbs up 👍

So this is the contents of my box

First up the nail foils

I still have yet to use these or have a reason anytime soon to wear them, in fact looking at them again they remind me of Christmas jumpers, roll on December because now I have a use for them. So unfortunately I can’t comment on their use but when I do try them out I’ll be sure to let you know.

Next we have a combined base/top coat

In my teenage years Sally Hanson was my go to for my problem nails! Their Nail Strengthener was amazing, spending £6 of my hard earned pocket money was a sacrifice I was willing to take for long nails – FYI, I’m a 90’s kids, £6 was ALOT back in the mid to late 90’s especially when you consider your average chocolate bar was around the 25p mark!! 

I’ve heard great things about this base/top coat & a girl at work swears by it! I’m currently the owner of copious amounts of Nail Envy which I love so because I know I won’t be using this at least I know a good home it can go too 😀

Onto the colours… First up the China Glaze Colours. From the Electric Nights Collection I received ‘DJ Blue My Mind’ & ‘Violet Vibes’ I love both these colours! 

Although it was only mini’s I received, A – they are the cutest thing ever! & B – it’s a good way to sample both a new brand & colour. I don’t hold anything nearly as bold as this currently in my vast polish collection. Which is a good point C – easy to store!

So what do they look like on?… Well here we are 😀

Some bloggers I’ve seen have used a white base coat to make the colours ‘pop’ I haven’t. This is 2 coats only & Seche Vite top coat.

As you see they are glorious colours on the nail. 

Up next was ‘Green Fields’ from the Models Own Festival Collection.

Again, not a colour I would myself go out & buy, but I love this colour, maybe because I have green eyes but it was a really lovely colour to wear.

Lovely & bright, fabulous for summer! Again just 2 coats & a Seche Vite top coat.

Lastly was an OPI glitter. This is meant to be from the Spotlight on Glitter Collection but I don’t have this??…. And I own EVERY OPI released last year including the majority of American releases!! 

Turns out this is actually just a rename of Save Me from the Nicki Minaj Collection – bonus for me!! One of the reasons I nearly didn’t buy the box was because, as I said, I own the Spotlight on Glitter Collection, so the fact that what arrived was an OPI I  didn’t own was a HUGE bonus!! 👍

Unfortunately I don’t have an example of this on my nails, it is after all glitter & we know what a pain that is too get off, plus I was too busy creating designs using colours only & specifically from this June Manicure Box.

So will I consider the July Box, absolutely! If my pennies allow… 

I’ll leave you with my designs from this months colours, & if you did purchase the June box I hope you got just as excited about it as I did 😀 x



5 thoughts on “Coloristiq ‘Festival’ Manicure June Box

    • elbienails says:

      The colours are fab aren’t they! Thanks for the compliment too 😀 The great thing about Coloristiq is you can just buy one at a time & not sign up for anything. Although if there was a subscription option I’d do that, their boxes are amazing!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • lolarocks says:

        I already get nailbox which I love so this will be a great package to receive. Such a bargain at only £17.80 including postage, ordered the July package so can’t wait for it to arrive!

        Liked by 1 person

      • lolarocks says:

        I will be sure to let you know once I’ve received it! Looking at the preview it looks like a red & white spotted box so I’m very excited!!

        Liked by 1 person

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