July ‘Tropical’ Box

OMG!! I am so excited about this post!! I really wish it had gone up a little bit earlier but I wanted to add some nail designs I had done using this months colours – but that meant working around the kiddie-winks plus running the house hold, so time has got away from me…

Anyway back to the box… Well what can I say, really outdone themselves this month! I’m so glad I am subscribed to them. If you’ve been debating about whether or not to sign I think by the end of this you may well be kicking yourself for not signing up sooner, Sorry…… But it really is that amazing this month.

Enough babbling then and onto the best bit, Contents!!

This months box contained 3 polishes, 1 treatment and 1 nail art tool – or tools on this occasion. 😀

The first polish was a White on White from China Glaze.

I know what your thinking ‘A White?! How Boring’ but for me I cheered. White is pretty much the base for which most nail art is created on, I’m on my 2nd bottle of OPI Alpine Snow this year so this is a fab addition to my collection. 

Next up is Need for Speed by Barry M.

This is a gorgeous purple but it took two (thick) coats to look like this, I don’t normally buy high street brands & im still not sure I would, but that’s the great thing about Nailbox, I get to try brands & colours I wouldn’t normally.

The last polish is from my favourite brand OPI, here we have Kiss Me I’m Brazillian

As an OPI collector I already have this colour, no bigger, I love pink! The bottle shown is the nailbox bottle but the colour on my nails is from my bottle. Why am I babbling, well 16 months of owning that bottle and look at how perfect that colour still is, 2 thin coats (& no additional thinner used in the bottle) well worth it’s money! 

Next up the MOST exciting product! A MoYou stamping plate PLUS, yes plus!!! The stamper & scraper! 

I am a convert! Never will I use another stamper in my life. I’ve always been a Konad user, nothing else ever came close… Until now. 
It has a slight sticky touch to it, which I’ve never known with Konad, but my gosh it turned all my polishes into perfect stamping polishes! No more buying special ones. The spongy texture makes for ease of use too, I think if you are starting out this is the brand to go to. 

I’ve been after their plates for a while too & was recently – nearly – tempted by a sale, but after trying them this way I’m definitely going to purchase from them, they are UK based too 😀 

Oh, the plate I received was tropical plate 12, why haven’t I shown it? Because I highly recommend visiting their website 

And lastly we have the treatment product, a cuticle remover from Elegant Touch

I’m quite looking forward to trying this. 

I’m currently going through my half yearly transition. (Umm that doesn’t sound like the best way to describe what I’m currently putting up with) Basically my hair, nails, skin are completely sapped of moisture & no amount of conditioner, hand creams or oil is helping?? So I’m interested to see if this helps. 

(PS. I’ve tried everything, drinking more water, avoiding fizzy drinks, eating better, avoiding junk, exercising more, creams,oils everything! Nothing, nada works! I have to put up with fizzy hair & dry skin for about 4 weeks every Christmas & high summer! 😩)

So that’s it, July’s A-MA-ZING Nailbox has arrived & is well and truly worth its £15! 

All that’s left to show you is the nail designs I’ve squeezed in over the weekend. 

Just a little note on this one. Barry M wasn’t a great 1 coat colour but I didn’t have time for a second coat – the sun was swiftly setting. In comparison the OPI pink is, & considering it’s over a ‘colour’ you get a jist of the difference in opacity in just one application.


2 thoughts on “ July ‘Tropical’ Box

  1. lolarocks says:

    Loved it! My best box so far, like you I was a big konad fan after seeing it in the states 4 years ago, but the moyou brand blew it out of the water for me. Love the fact I can use most polishes and don’t have to buy special stamper polish is a big plus!
    Love what you did with the colours & nail art. I’ve not had much chance to experiment yet apart from one lunchtime on Friday when my goodies arrived. Hope to have fun with them over the weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    • elbienails says:

      Aww thanks 😊 I’m looking forward to trying more with the stamping plates, but I only get the weekend to thrash out designs. Have fun experimenting, hopefully you’ll get a chance too, looking forward to seeing your creations, 😀💅

      Liked by 1 person

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