OPI mini’s Travel Collection

So the Summer Holidays have well & truly landed and with that comes Duty Free!! Yey Airports & their no tax policy 😀

Unfortunately I’m not yet lucky enough to own a passport, don’t feel too sorry for me though, I spent 10 of the first 12 years of my life living abroad so I don’t feel that cheated.

My parents however like to give their passports a battering & most recently travelled to Barcelona. As all good parents do they returned with presents, football kits for my boys and OPI for me!!! 😆💅

And this little Gem is what they found at the airport ✈️

How amazing is this cute little set! I’m really a convert to miniatures now, they are so easy to store, but more then anything they are just too adorable – the only one downside to OPI miniatures is they don’t label them 😕

This little set contains 6 OPI’s in ‘classic’ colours.

First out if the box is a classic soft shade & the best ‘pink’ to have for a French Manicure – Passion

I’m so glad to have come across this without forking out myself to find the perfect pink for a French Manicure, this is one colour I’m going to be stocking up on in full size.

Going a slight bit darker on the pink/beigh spectrum next out of the box was – Tickle My France-Y

I do like this colour, it’s the perfect grown-up sophisticated shade, unfortunately I have the kind of skin tone that doesn’t really agree with ‘Nudes’ 

One of favourite colours in the whole Passport to Colour collection was this one – Charged up Cherry


I absolutely adore this pink shade, it’s Hot, Bright & perfect for summer holidays!! I’ve worn it 3 times already!☀️😎

Up next is OPI’s best selling shade for the Summer – Cajun Shrimp

They describe this as a spicy coral, to me this is a red, more so because OPI actually released a really nice coral in their Neons collection last year, but as ladies we know there is never just a ‘red’ so if this is calling your name, buy it 😉

Going slightly darker next up is – Malaga Wine

I love this red, it would probebly suit shorter nails then my long ones I’m showing here. They’re a bit vampy unless of course you love that look then in that case, this is the perfect colour for you

Last we have the ultimate dark colour –  Lincoln Park After Dark

The first coat of this goes on purple, but it’s the second coat that really brings out the true colour. Almost black in the shade but in direct sunlight it’s a lovely aubergine colour. A steady head is a must for this colour too, any mishaps will be unforgiving, as seen in my picture oops 😬

As always with OPI the application & formula is flawless. All pictures show a base coat of Nail Envy, 2 coats of Colour & Seche Vite top coat.

So if you’re on your travels this summer & you spot this little gem, be sure to pick it up, the colours are gorgeous but let’s be honest… Who doesn’t love cute little bottles of OPI x


3 thoughts on “OPI mini’s Travel Collection

  1. lolarocks says:

    I picked up the travel exclusive in April on my way to Lanzarote. It was icons of happiness and the colours were all based around coca cola. Will have to dig them out as is completely forgotten about them until I read your post!
    Although the bottles don’t have the names on them it did tell me on the front of the box which bottle was which.
    I think you’ve just inspired my next blog post, thank you for that!

    Liked by 1 person

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