Bobble or Bubble Nails? Weird & Crazy Nail Trends

A couple of nail trends have been making the rounds I’ve noticed the past few weeks. I wanted to talk about them because one of them I have no interest in ever doing  & the other I can’t wait to try!

First up is what I’m referring to as Bobble nails – everyone else is calling them bubble, but for reason of wanting a catchy title, I’m going with Bobble! – Plus in my eyes that’s what they look like. Remember those hair ties from the 80/90’s with the plastic ‘bobble’ on them, yep today’s current nail trend reminds me of those.

There are various interpretations of this trend. Some are done actually quite well. Of all the pictures I sourced this was my favourite.

 This picture is approximately 3 years old so it could be the beginnings of this ‘current’ trend.

I have to say going off this picture these are lovely nails. It’s all symmetrical & the nail art design is just fabulous! It looks like the whole nail was meant to be designed that way & not done accidentally.

As with all trends though there are some questionable interpretations, I’ll let you Google your own way through them, but the majority of the worst offenders are the ones that made Social Media. As we know with today’s journalism the shock factor sells, it’s just a shame those that actually have done a great job are being sidelined at the expense of creating a ‘media storm’ – I never understand why we can’t just celebrate the good, encourage the not so good & just ignore all else…

So will I be trying this trend, uhh no. It looks good when it’s done good, but personally it’s not something I’m keen on. Creating apex’s is hard enough without having to think outside the box, so hats of to those who can.

The next trend, I will be trying though! Everyone else refers to them as Aquarium Nails, for me they’re bubble!  – as in air bubble… See what I tried to do there? I needed a catchy title! Lol

I love these nails. It’s subtle but once you know what’s there it’s like wow!  How did they do that?!

Some of the best examples I found are these. – Again, none of these are my own creations, just examples I came across on YouTube & Google

The effect of these is like a snow globe, so depending on the angle of your nail, the little beads/glitter/decorations move & fall.

From what I’ve read most techs aren’t keen on having a noticeable air bubble, but who ever had a snow globe without an air bubble! Personally for me it’s a nice touch.

Again this is not a new trend – some YouTube videos are dated over 7 years ago to show how to create this effect! As with most things though evolution has taken effect & some of the more up-to-date versions are really quite exquisite!

I prefer the more simpler versions as shown in the pictures above and if you’re new to Aquarium Nails like me, I’ve found the most simple & informative video from Alexandra Nails to show how to fill & cap the pre-made aquarium tips.

Click Here

For the more experienced among us and for those who like their nails longer, Nail Pro magazine have a amazing tutorial.

Click Here

If you follow my Twitter/Facebook you’ll know about a week ago I ordered the pre-made shorty tips & today they arrived!

I actually got mine from EBay for £12.99 as at the time Amazon was sold out. My seller was amazing!! I only ordered these Sunday night & I received them today… From China! This was my seller

My EBay Seller
5 stars they deserved and recieved 🌟🌟

Amazon are currently back in stock, so if you want to pay a little less then me this is what they look like

Amazon Aquarium Nails
I believe the expected delivery time is 4 weeks though?….

So there we have it, 2 nail trends that are currently buzzing within the NailArt/NailTech community.

Whatever will be next?………


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