August Subscription box

Another month and another Nail Box! 😀

I’m still loving these and who doesn’t enjoy a present every now & then?

This months Theme was summer which was nice – our weather in the UK is awful for August! So it was nice to have colours to brighten it up, we’ll get to those in a moment… 

I do think though the timing for this theme was perhaps a little late?… I’m absolutely not criticising, I love the boxes & will continue to subscribe to them, but in a few days it’s September? Autumn, falling leaves, darker evenings… definitely no longer summer 😥 but I guess the colours are good for me cheering me up! 

So what did we have in this months box of treats?….

First up is a Gel Effect polish from Nails Inc. – Seven Dials.

A gorgeous bright yellow & another ‘Gel Effect’ to add to my collection. It’s not a pure yellow though, it leans more to the mustard shade, but on its own it’s really not noticeable. I love the application of these polishes & im a HUGE fan of their brushes, 2 strokes & im done! Bonus!

Next up is Flip Flop Fantasy from China Glaze.


A lovely Vibrant Coral. I’m personally not a fan of China Glaze, this is a nice colour but – and I don’t know if this is on purpose – this colour seemed to dry to a ‘chalky’ finish?? Not Matt, not satin?… Just chalky?! I even applied 2 layers of Seche Vite top coat but it just seemed to soak it up? Maybe it was designed that way but I do like my colours (generally) with a glossy finish. The brushes as I’ve mentioned before are very slim too. I have small nail beds & struggled so I have the greatest sympathy for anyone with naturally gorgeous long nail beds. The picture is a 2 coat coverage BUT if this was a client I’d definitely need 3, some areas were still on the patchy side & not to perfection. All that aside its a lovely colour *just to mention, as I’m writing this post in the dark, I’m noticing how Neon-esque this colour is reflecting off the light of my screen, this colour would make a great rave colour – do raves still exsist? – either way, this colour has options!

Next up was something I was very excited to see in the box – no not the LoveHearts, although I was thrilled to see them, they are my favourite sweets! It’s Vinylux 7 day wear polish! And… yes and… Top Coat! 

This is Wisteria Haze

This colour is gorgeous! Periwinkle I think would be its actual colour reference, either way I love it & I can’t believe it came with the top coat too! I knew there was a reason I loved

The Vinylux range is what we had at college and it’s wear is amazing. It’s long wearing & on toenails would probebly outlast a Nucluer fallout! The clients I had while studying for my pedicure course would return after 2 weeks as if I’d only applied it 2 days before, the Reds & corals in the range are partically stunning!

As usual CND are at the fore-front of innovation and Vinylux – long wear nail polish – as been out for many years. It’s only really been the last year or so it seems all other brands have caught up…. 

Last up is the tool, and this month we had toenail clippers. A plus in any pedicurists kit! 

 Another little gem from elegant Touch, so although I haven’t yet used them, I’m pretty sure they are going to be good 👣💅

So that’s it, another month and another nail box, all that’s left is too leave you with my creations from this months colours 😀 


Polka Dots & Bows


Coral & Glitter


Where There Is Sunshine Flowers Grow


Sunset Palm Trees



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