My 1 year blog birthday!!

Wow!! I can’t believe it, today my blog is celebrating its 1st birthday! 🎉🎈🎂 What an amazing & eventful 12 months it’s been!!

It was started mainly to chronicle my time at college while I studied & trained to become a Nail Technician, but now training is complete I love the fact I have somewhere to come simply to write about nails 😀💅

I’ve not only discovered & found some great online friends over the past year with this blog but also over the past 21 months with my Twitter account; my original start up for Elbie Nails. I’ve always had an anonymous approach when it came to being online, So I thought about what I should do for my 1 year post and decided a personal approach would be nice, a ‘get to know me’ Post 😀

So here we go….

1.Name. Yes, that’s right my name… Elbie is actually derived from my initials L B. See what I did there? Clever hey 😜 I’m actually Linda, I originally was going to be LB Nails, but it sounded much to ‘formal’ so Elbie was born. I much prefer it.

2.I live in the Dorset coastal town of Poole. Famous for Poole Pottery, Lush Cosmetics, Pirates – both of the ‘Ahoy, Me Hearties‘ variety and speedway! Its also famous for Sunseekers – that’s the luxury yacht manufacture not a description of those looking for good weather! 😀☀️ I love where I live, the weather is generally good and as a person who loves being surrounded by nature I’m lucky to live 10 minutes from the glorious Sandbanks beach & 10 seconds from a forest! Bliss!

3. Poole is the longest place I’ve settled in – 13 years, although I have lived in 4 houses during that time! I’m from a military background, so during my lifetime I’ve lived in

  • 3 Countries
  • 9 Towns/Cities
  • Attended 8 Schools!

I love how my childhood was, but then I know no different, I guess that’s why I’ve never been in any rush to travel in my 20’s. I’ve experienced how other people live and it’s no different to us. They have jobs to go to, families to provide for and after living in the Mediterranean for 2 years I have no desire to EVER visit a country just to lie on a beach for a week or 2! Except for Tahiti, now that’s paradise 🌴☀️ My love is History, art & architecture so my to do list for my 30’s is to visit every city in Europe. That’s the dream anyway.

4. My favourite colour is pink! All shades of it. Pale pink, baby pink, Barbie pink, hot pink! I love it all. I was thrilled to learn that an OPI collection due to be released next year (Hello Kitty anyone?!) has half of its collection made up of pink shades! That’s just heaven right there!

5. I love books, but held off for aloooooooong time before succumbing to a Kindle – ok I had no choice, it was a Christmas Present – now I’ve never looked back, I don’t think I’ve ever read as much, there are so many free books, it’s like being a kid in a candy store. What do I like to read, well anything & everything. Yes I am one of those ‘Grey’ fans but I also love the classics, except Shakespeare, – sorry William –  I’ll watch any interpretation of Shakespeare but I could just never grasp the language… My favorite book of all time is Angela Ashes, I even read it in an Irish Accent! Can’t help it, it’s like listening to my family talking lol!

6. Films. It would be easier to tell you in one word what I don’t like – Horror! I hate it in all its forms, out right gory, psychological (that’s the worst) just all of it! It really gets to me & I end up like a 5 year old needing the light on & sleeping under the covers! Oh except ‘It.’ My uncle made me watch it when I was about 7 & too young to know any better, years later I found out that clown was played by the hotel concierge in Home Alone 2, yeah, I could never take anything Tim Curry did seriously after being out done by Macaulay Culkin! Everything else I love.

  • Disney – Beauty and the Beast being top of that list, the Lion King being my other favourite, and yes I did have a crush on JTT!! Lol
  • Fantasy – Labyrinth, I love David Bowie in this! I think he was actually my first crush ☺️ It was also where my obsession with wanting a huge white wedding dress came from, along with my next favourite film The Slipper and the Rose! I love a good old Cinderella interpretation & this one is my all time favourite and of course we have to mention that dress & those Glass Slippers! 
  • Girly – Obviously Clueless! Although Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion is a very close second! The shoes!! 
  • Action – I LOVE Die Hard with a Vengeance. and of course being a child of the eighties who can not love The Goonies!
  • Drama – I adore Love Story, although recently I watched If I Stay and totally balled my eyes out on that one
  • Rom-Com, Only You. Marissa Tomei is fab in that film. How to lose a guy in 10 days is my other go to, Fab film!
  • Disaster. The original Poseidon adventure is my all time favourite. More recently I love Independence Day – can you believe that film is 20 years old next year!!! and The Day After Tomorrow. I’m sure both have the same director/writer or something, perhaps that’s why i love them both equally.

My favorite all time Film is Stand By Me and I’ve always loved River Phoenix. I was absolutely shell-shocked when I found out he had died & obsessed over it for months. It seemed such a tragedy, but now I’m almost 10 years older then he was when he passed, I can’t even begin to imagine the pressure he was under at that age. Looking back 23 seems such a young age….

7. Music. For 23 years I’ve been a HUGE fan of Take That, yes they were a 5, then a 4, then a 5, then a 3! (In my opinion the last change being the best line-up, the last concert was Amazing!! And yes I was at the front!) At heart I’m a pop queen! Britney, Justin, Take That, Pink!, Nicki, Derulo, Ed! I love them all but the shuffle mode on my iPod would leave you completely confused in my taste of music. As much as I love Mozart & David Garret, I also love Limp Bizkit & Eminem! Much of it comes down to my mood, again I’m pretty sure on what I don’t like and that’s grungy, shouty, mosh pit ‘music’ – each to their own I guess 🎶

8. Fashion & style. Why am I mentioning this, well I truly believe I was born in the wrong decade. I would love to have been in my late 20’s/ early 30’s during the late 60’s. I love mini skirts, anything fluffy, Shift dresses, mini dresses oh and don’t get me started on the knee high boots!! 😍 More then anything I’m a Shoe girl, and the higher the heel the better! Infact I’ve become so well known for wearing high heels that I’m always asked if I’m ok on the occasions I wear flats! 😳

9. A few other fun facts; 

Drinking habits!! I’m addicted to tea! I’m really not the kind of person to come home and open a bottle of wine, I’m most likely to put the kettle on. Lol I sound like someone in their 60’s, not 30’s!! I probebly get through a cup an hour in my waking day! I adore Twinnings English Breakfast but due to drinking so much of it, I can’t warrant the price. I do treat myself if it’s on offer though 😀☕️ 

Old hobbies – I spent 10 years of life as an Irish Dancer. I’ve been lucky to perform not only in some special places – Brighton Royal Pavillion being a special memory, but also infront of some special people too, the Queen & Prince Charles being partically memorable, he’s very funny may I add too.

Travel & tourism – I’m lucky enough to have been inside the pyramids at Giza, I’m not sure if that’s possible anymore. It’s an extraordinary place Egypt. I never realised the Nile was so vast!! And it’s the weirdest thing to look out at the Sahara desert and see nothing but sand for miles & miles, yet a 180 degree turn sees you looking at a metropolis!! Mind-boggling!! As I’ve said my love is history so I’ve been fortunate enough to also visit a country which is kind of not advised to visit by Travel Agents now. Israel, and what an amazing place that is! The Wailing wall was an amazing site and I was also fortunate enough to visit the birthplace of Christ… A country like that certainly opens your eyes to people’s view in their religion & belief. 

Finally is my own heritage, I’m from Ireland, the North specifically. My grandparents have lived in the same house all my life & I love that. It’s the one thing that’s stayed the same throughout my lifetime. The other thing is I love the fact I had ancestors who were involved with the building of the Titanic! 🚢 Now that’s history!!

10. Lastly my outlook on life. Life is for living! It’s a vast world out there. Everyone living their life how they know. The best thing I ever read was that money should be spent on experiences not things. I have a never ending bucket list. From wanting to have Afternoon Tea at The Ritz to wanting to visit pretty much every state in America. I couldn’t bear the thought of getting into my later life and knowing all I did was work to pay bills! Even in my 30’s there is so much to learn out there & I can’t wait to discover it.

So that’s it, all about me, hope you enjoyed it. Next time we are back to nails 💅 My favourite all time passion!



2 thoughts on “My 1 year blog birthday!!

    • elbienails says:

      That’s amazing!! Your name does kind of give it away though, hehe!
      🍀 I’m glad you enjoyed it, was a bit worried with it not being about nails but I loved writing it, sometimes its nice to get personal ☺️


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