IBX 8 Weeks on….

IBX! Wow!! What a product!

Why, well I’ll tell you why…

Having recently qualified as a Nail Technician as much as I love getting creative & hopefully very soon getting into some competition style training, I want my main day to day expertise to be in natural nail care & to help with clients nail health issues. For that reason I decided to attend an IBX training course at the wonderful Creative Beauty Group in Ferndown, Dorset.

You can read all about that mornings training here

At the time I was amazed at the instant feeling within my nails but then blown away the next day by the appearance in my nails. I tried very very hard to get a close up shot in the differences between my two hands but every camera I used was having none of it 😔 The big difference was the disappearance in my ‘rings of fire’ – Literally overnight… Poof… Gone!

So 8 weeks on, what’s been going on.

The treatment was carried out in my left hand only – which I’m glad about otherwise I wouldn’t be able to sit here right now to talk & show the difference.

So here’s my right hand…

I suppose they do just look like normal nails. If you look closely however to my ring & little finger, you can actually see where my nail has broken at the ‘ring of fire’ The point at which my nail was at its thinnest. I actually suffer from brittle nails, so although they may appear strong, one false move – opening a door the wrong way – and that’s it! Bye bye nail. You can see this in the other 2 nails, the edges have snapped off & my nails have ended up a funny looking shape.

My left hand by comparison looks like this…

What a difference! (Excuse the lighting, think the sun slightly dipped when I took this, so everything as a yellow tinge to it?!)

After only one application this is the result!

I can’t believe how long my nails have grown & they are stronger & more flexible then they’ve ever been! You can quite clearly see the marks of the ‘rings of fire’ but where I’ve had the treatment in this hand and the ridges have filled out, there is no weak areas & therefore has allowed my nails to grow far beyond my nail bed 😀 Well Impressed!!

I’ve found too that my nails adhered better to my nail walls which has allowed them to grow straighter & more symmetrical. My right hand has a slight case of flat nails.

I’m kind of sad really that now I have to cut & file my nails down, but seeing the difference between both hands I think it’s time I gave my right hand the same TLC.

So ladies & gents, motto of the story… If you suffer from weak, damaged nails, turn to IBX! As I’ve said before, this really is a miracle in a bottle 💅 x


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