Olympia Beauty 2015. My Planned Day

Oh no!! In the last 24 hours I’ve found out I won’t be able to make it to this years Olympia Beauty show 😢

I’m so gutted especially as I had quite a bit of a list I was hoping to look/sample/get. I went to Pro Beauty in Manchester a few weeks back and purposely held off buying a few things knowing I was heading to Olympia. The great thing is although I may not be able to attend at least I can still purchase them 😀👍 Albeit a little more expensive then show price, never mind.

So what was I heading to Olympia for…

Top of my list was the One Stoke Nail Workbook from Nail Artist Ireland (Stand G55) They have a great You Tube video which you can see here.

What’s great about this book is you can practice but then just wipe clean with a wet wipe & practice all over again 😀💅 More then anything it is just a beautiful book, who wouldn’t want to buy it just for that.

I don’t actually know how much this is yet. I follow Julijas on Facebook so I think I’ll drop her an email and find that out how I can actually go about getting this book. For the show they are offering the first ten people who purchase this workbook special gifts & presents from Nail Paradise – gutted that won’t be me 😔

My next stop was OPI. (D30) The amazing Sophie Harris-Greenslade is going to be there & American OPI educator Danny Phung. I was soooo hoping to meet them both & to have gotten my nails done, preferably with the gorgeous new OPI Starlight Christmas Collection. In fact just to say hello would have been enough ☺️

On my buying list was the gorgeous Infinite Shine starter kit I seen at Pro Beauty.

And any minis they may be doing for the Christmas Collection. I am desperate for another Alpine Snow & I need the bigger bottle of Passion – Perfect French Manicure colours – so most likely would have got them, save me a trip to Capital Hair & Beauty! I was debating the Gel Colour, not because I don’t want it, I had been questioning whether to buy the base coat, top coat & a colour but the starter kits are better value, unfortunely my budget won’t stretch to both Infinite Shine & Gel Colour starter kits!!

Next stop Cuccio. (C50) I seen a gorgeous coconut pedicure set advertised in Scratch Magazine.

Umm coconut, I just smell summer thinking about this kit! I think this would be an amazing set to have. My aim is to advertise my Pedicure menu based around different scents. I think it would be easier from a client point of view to pick an option too. All my clients would get the same routine but as with most things in life we rely on our senses, and who wouldn’t want to remember their summer holiday with this gorgeous smelling treatment🌴

The second product I was after from the Cuccio stand is this amazing T3 controlled levelling LED/UV Gel

It’s meant to be the ideal gel for Acrylic users – my preferred system – as it allows total user control, no more ‘bleeding’ into the side walls!

It’s currently on offer for £17, I thought this was only a show offer, but after a bit of investigating, I can purchase it from the website at that price 😀 hurray!

Next up Gel II. (D20) Now I know the prices of their products I was hoping to get the 3 top coat offer & the pink colour I spied at Pro Beauty, I can’t remember the name of it but I’d know it if I seen it. I think the Magpies would have to wait on this occasion, although if I eyed up a shimmery white or pink I don’t think I’d have been able to say no!! 😂

I was also hoping to get the special edition Cancer Awareness gift set that comes with the adorable pink towel!  Yes I know, more pink, but my collection has to start somewhere! 😃💅

Something I had seen at Pro Beauty was stiletto nail forms. I spied them at the NSI stand but was already in the queue & moments from paying so held off. I didn’t realise they wouldn’t be attending Olympia otherwise I’d had snapped them up. That was something I was hoping to purchase tomorrow but I’ve recieved a promotion email from NSI to say as they aren’t attending they are offering 20% off products on their website!

I didn’t get a chance to visit Roo Beauty up at the Manchester show, so was aiming to pop by them this time (Stand A30) I absolutely love the nail polish cubes

So much room for all my polish & safely stored away. I’d have snapped one up if there was a show offer as they are currently going for £44 on their website but with everything else I was hoping to purchase this may have broke the bank.

I was also keen to check out their brush storage boxes. I hate the smell my acrylic brush leaves around, which is why it stays in my EZ-Flow box along with the rest of my kit. It’s one of the reasons I’ve not ’emigrated’ yet to a beauty box/bag. I’m interested to see just how big they are, nail art brush suitable or Pro Line Acrylic brush suitable…

To add to my pedicure treatment menu is callus removal. I was really wanting to visit the Mavex stand (E128) to enquire more about their Callus removal system. 

As a newbie to the pedicure world I don’t want to turn someone away just because I may have less experience. The great thing about this product is it does all the hard work on even the most ‘overused’ of feet without the need of blades or any other harsh tools.

I need to find the UK distributor of this product though, as yet I’ve had no such luck in finding a UK based website, so I’ve no idea on price or if there’s any product training?…

Being mobile I’m always on the look out for products that would help and one such trend is the waterless manicure & pedicure. The Edge (stand C40) do such a product which contains a file, orange stick, gloves & towel.

The great thing about this is the gloves contain a moisturising lotion which makes giving a massage a natural part of the treatment. As I mentioned before express manicures have their place, but my aim will always to give just that little bit more. Yes of course it’ll cost slightly more then your average ‘express’ but life moves at 100 miles an hour as it is and there are so many things in place to make life easier, online shopping, recorded TV, I believe we should use all those too our advantage to then give ourselves back time to relax and unwind. What better way to do that then with a massage & new nail colour.

My last stand to visit was going to be Glitter Express (E110) I fell in love with a gorgeous pack of iridescent glitter at Pro Beauty. At less then £6 I should have grabbed it, but of course as I thought I was just window shopping I held off. Their website still shows this price so I think I may order it, most likely with a few other things 😁

Aside from having a look around the other stands, seeing what’s new or just seeing what’s around – various Liquid & powder brands plus the new improved Minx being top of my list, I was also looking forward to taking in a couple of ‘talks.’

Sam Biddle is a nail artist & trainer I follow on social media, she has just set up an online course and I was really looking forward hearing her hints and tips. Her website is amazing too, you should definitely check it out.

Luckily I wouldn’t have to move from my seat as straight after Sam is going to be Sophie Harris-Greenslade. She is just so wonderfully intricate and creative, I was quite willing to stay all day at Olympia just so I could listen to her. So gutting I won’t get too now.

Oh, almost forgot! I also wanted to pay a special visit to Jim Nordstorm. (Stand E20) Him and his wife Linda are behind one of the most amazing products I’ve recently come across, IBX, you can read about my training and experience of it here. With both my posts regarding this product he shared them on Social Media and I am ever so thankful and humbled that he would do that. I love this industry and write because I love everything about nails. I never do it for any other reason then that. I’m completely astounded that my posts would be of interest to Famous Names Products and that they would want to use them to promote their product, but I wanted to pay my personal thanks, a thank you on social media just doesn’t seem enough.

So that was going to be my day. Luckily I can still get pretty much all that I wanted, but it would have been nicer to be there especially for the demonstrations and to smell the coconut!

Have a nice weekend everyone and for those reading this and who are lucky enough to be going to Olympia, have a fabulous day 🙂 x


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