She Sells Seashells Nail Mail

Had the best nail mail arrive today from UK Nail Art website She Sells Seashells 

I originally scouted their website as quite a few people on Instagram had been raving about their vinyls/stencils. So my original purchases were going to be a few of them to try out, then I saw the most amazing thing!!

The Uber Chic Beauty Nail Art Mat!!

If you don’t know what that is check out their YouVideo here

Basically the Uber Mat is the must have tool for any nail artist, you can paint on it, practice on it and my number one reason… Stamp like a boss on it! 

It currently retails on the website for £11. A bargain in my opinion especially considering the amount of kitchen/beauty roll I go through currently protecting my work surfaces!

So here’s how my little package arrived 

Mega points for the complementary sweets! 

I not only ordered my Uber mat but also some vinyls too and I adore how they were packaged

I didn’t realise at the time, but it’s actually an old fashioned sweet shop style bag they’ve used, the little kid in me got so excited when I realised that 🍬

The vinyls I’ve bought to begin with are pretty much beginners stuff. Just some simple multi width straight ones and multi width zig-zag ones. I can not wait to try them 😃

These cost £1.50 each, my zig-zag ones contained 2 sheets for this price.

And finally my Uber Mat!….

I’m so so excited about this product, I just want to get it out now and play with it… Unfortunately it’s late and not only have I been training all day at work I’m also just in from an evening at college, tired does not even cover how I feel 😴😴

If you wish to purchase the Ubermat, nail vinyls or are interested in See Sells Seashells, I’ve taken a nice picture to show all their contact details and ways to follow them below – have a great evening everyone x



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