@MoYouLondon at Next.co.uk

I received the most fabulous email a few weeks back from MoYou London. You can now buy MoYou London starter kits from Next & Lipsy!!


The lovely girls at work bought me a Next Gift card a few weeks ago for my birthday which was so lovely of them, I also got wine, and going slightly off track this hilarious card I just have to share with you…

Notice how my card is pink & glittery!! 😉

While I was ever so thankful for my gift card, I was actually at a loss as to what to do with it… I’m not a big shopping person at all, in fact I’m probably the only female in the world who hates shopping. 

I like to know what I want, where I can find it, then go in & get it! I don’t do browsing, unless it’s nail stuff or shoes then that’s a whole different scenario!! Lol

I guess it’s because I have quite specific tastes. I love the 60’s, I partically live in mini skirts & fitted t-shirts throughout summer. I don’t do trends. I find it so frustrating to be ‘shopping’ for hours and come home empty handed 😔

There was one item that sparked my interest and that was a white ‘Bardot’ style jumper. I adore off the shoulder jumpers & have spent years trying to track a replacement for my last well overused one! Again, big fan of the late 60’s/early 70’s.

I held off from buying it and just aswell, because just a few days later did that MoYou London email fly into my inbox!

The first thing I did was search the site and there they were! 

The nearest Next store to me is a 5mimute drive so I didn’t hesitate to whip down there. Unfortunely it was a wasted journey, the sales assistant, as lovely as she was, didn’t know anything about MoYou London & even more shocking what a nail stamping plate was! Horrifying!! I quickly gave a little description as to what it was and think I may have made a convert. She seemed quite impressed with the kits and nail stamping in general. 

She let me know that although the kits appeared to only be available online, not to worry, as I could still use my gift card as payment. Fab news.

So what did I get… Well of the 6 different sets available, I chose the sailor & Hipster kits.


Each set is just fabulous for anyone getting into the world of stamping.

My sailor kit came with all this

And my hipster one, with all this

There is literally everything you need for a starter kit. Polish, plate, stamper & scraper. Also included is instructions, so even if you are an absolute beginner there is nothing to worry about, MoYou London has you all sorted.

The best thing about these kits is the stamper. I’m in love with it! It’s both gloriously sticky & squidgy, it’ll turn any polish you own into a stamping polish. It’s also the only stamper I’ve come across where I’ve got the technique down on the first go. In fact there is no ‘technique’ needed, the stamper basically does all the work for you. 😃

So if you are new to the stamping world and want to give it a try then I absolutely recommend one of these kits.

Get it on your list for Santa, these are fab little gifts & would make great stocking fillers for a certain holiday celebration in the not too distant future!! 

Thanks for reading x

MoYou London website here

Next link for MoYou London kits here


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