College Level 3 Nail Diploma – My First Evening

Wow! I can’t believe it!

I managed to get enrolled on the ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Nail Services course!!

Signing Up

The college where I was previously enrolled was doing this course unfortunately they were doing a few extra units which meant the course was going to be over 3 1/2 days, impossible for me as I have a day job, it was also about £1800! A bit too far out of my price range…

While looking at some other courses on my local Adult Skills and Learning website I came across this course, but….. It was full 😦 I did notice however that you could still apply and be added to a waiting list, well i wasted no time and did just that.

I got a call a couple days later asking for evidence of having completed a Manicure & Pedicure course, I still hadn’t received my certificates at that point from college so a quick call confirmed it should be imminent. It was! The next day I received a text telling me to come collect my certification!!

They hadn’t realised I had completed 2 courses so all that was available for me to sign out was my Nail Technology certificate, no big deal i was still so happy to have received my Nail Tech qualification and has I knew the certificates had a arrived it would only be a few more days till my pedicure one would be ready to pick up.

The first thing I did after arriving home was scan and email off my evidence. 🙂

I waited a little longer then expected for my pedicure certificate, but recieved a text a little over a week later to say they arrived and along with collecting my portfolios, everything was picked up from the college.

I then got the most fantastic news on the Tuesday, 2 days before the course was due to start.. A place had become available!! I couldnt believe it, but then came the not so good news… payment…

I enquired about a payment plan, unfortunately they only offer a 3 month plan, with half the course costs being in the first instalment – at nearly £600, that isn’t an option. So what’s my alternative… well I’m very lucky to live in this country. Our government have set up not only Student Loans for those of university age but also 24+ loans for those wishing to progress with Level 3 or above further education courses!

Of course in an ideal world I’d rather not take the loan it is after all just that, a loan! The advantage is that the interest is no where near the standard ‘bank loan’ rate and you have the option of payment being taken directly from your wages. In this country that means paying tax on your wages after this payment has been deducted! Bonus!

So on to the evening…..

There are 10 of us on the course, all of varying ages and with me being the only one who hasn’t just come off a Beauty Course. It also turns out I’m also the only one with any intensive Nail Technologhy background. I’m hoping that may come in useful 😀

As with most first evenings it was more a meet & greet & get to know people, what we knew about nail services & what we were aiming to get out of the course.

We delved a lot into what the examination board want from us too and what is involved when it comes to assessments. I think it scared some of my fellow classmates…

All I can say is thank god I’ve completed a level 2 qualification, because it was only the warm up, Level 3 is most definitely Game Time! 

Not only do we have to carry out a minimum of 15 different assessments outside of college time – to a salon standard – including performing a service on a Nail Biter, we will also have our practical exams, a written exam & have to complete Salon work experience too! Phew! 

No wonder my previous college offered this as a full time course only.

I’m not worried though. I’m so thankful for my Level 2 training, it’s put me in good stead for this course. I know what to expect, I have a good underlying knowledge & I have experience. So to not be going in blind is one less thing too worry about 👍

It wasn’t all panic stations though I think because our tutor felt bad with bombarding us with potentially heartbreaking news, she handed us out our kits. Who doesn’t love presents.

This time around, I neither have to purchase my kit or replenish it. Skills & Learning take care of all that. The brand I’m using on this course is Pro Impressions.

I came across them at Pro Beauty a few weeks back, they did some fabulous tips that had stars and hearts cut into them. I’ll be honest I didn’t quite rate the rest of there products but this was due to the price really. 

I’m so used to buying products in the £30-£40 price bracket that when I seen their Acrylic range for £10-£15 I wasn’t entirely convinced it would be good enough…

The products however are used by our Tutor who runs her own salon. As technicians we do have that brand we all love, and I do love EZ- Flow. It’s not even the expense that puts me off it, it’s the supply of it. I can only get my acrylic liquid from 2 places and then everything else from one of them places only. But the major bugbear is the £100 minimum order?! Argh! Why does it have to be so high???

In a way I’m thankful for my college supplies, I get to upkeep my skills but without using my treasured EZ-Flow, it will be saved for my mobile customers, unless of course they want to help with my asessements, then they can have a concession set done with my current college equipment 💅😜

So that’s it, my first evening. I’m so so happy to be back learning and gaining more skills.

I love & adore everything about the nail industry, it’s such a vast, vibrant and extensive area you can literally never stop learning something new from it. I’m glad to be throurougly involved with it again 😍


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