College Evening 2 – Intro into Liquid & Powder

Well Evening 2 was abit of deja-vu. I was back to learning about the Liquid and Powder method of Nail Enhancements.

I’m so glad for my Level 2 training as my current tutor just jumped straight into it! On my previous course we had a week of learning purely just prepping the nail & blending tips, our second week was then learning and practicing our Liquid & Powder ratios and then it wasn’t until my third week did I get to bring it all together to then practice on a nail. I absolutely treasure that learning process has its put me in good stead for this evening.

I was paired with one of my class mates and allowed her to go first. I was in no rush to ‘learn’ as I had a pretty good idea of how things would go. We were asked to prepare the nail ready for a demonstration and then we would get a quick demo, then off to practice.

The best thing I ever remember from my level 2 course was walking into class on the first day of acrylics and being told ‘Everything I’ve just taught you in Manicures, forget it! You now need to do the opposite.’

It seems this really was an intensive class as everyone was expected to know how to prep the nail, a few of the girls had recently done a Gel Colour course so they knew, but the rest were completely at a loss, no wet prepping required here, its all dry for Nail Enhancements. I felt a little sorry for them as I’m sure they panicked and yet we were only at prep stage. It was then onto a demo.

And I learnt something!! Or at least something I struggled with on my level 2 seemed to make much more sense the second time round. The reverse application method. I currently do Zone 1, then Zone 2 then Zone 3. The picture below shows these areas.

However as we are also learning sculpting, which I was ever so excited about as I didn’t think that was part of the course criteria, its essential you learn the steps as Zone 2, Zone 3 then lastly Zone 1. Its also a very useful way for when it comes to Gel.

I didn’t actually get a chance to try this out. It was an awful lot to take in on the first evening and as I have a pretty good base knowledge I let her take her time blending tips and getting the acrylic on.

I did however get a chance to try this technique in the week as I had a client, no side picture but I was very please with the overall look of the nail. I had been practicing with tips in the week, but tips and actual fingertips are 2 very different things.

So that was my first practical evening. I must admit even I came home slightly terrified. I’m pretty sure I would not have lasted after tonight if it wasn’t for my Level 2 training. Its was also nice to learn variations in doing things.

During my level 2 we were taught to file wells to 2mm. This is especially important for clients with smaller nail beds. You want the acrylic to be attached to at least 2/3-3/4 of the nail bed, otherwise you risk the nail tip snapping off where it has only had glue to stick to and no additional strength from the acrylic, and that equals nail damage! We were also taught to thin the tips as much as possible off the nail, so less blending was required on the clients nails. For our lesson tonight we were taught directly applying half well tips to the nail and then blending. I discussed with my tutor the way I was taught and that for me I prefer it as I prefer less work on the clients nails and she said that was fine. It’s about what you feel comfortable with, I’m so happy about that and that she wasn’t pushing for me to do it her way. I’m really not sure how I’d have felt doing so much work directly to a nail bed!

There was one slight little thing that bugged me and that was when the topic of tip blender came up! To be fair to my tutor she did put a pin in the discussion after saying blending tips is something you need to learn. I was actually quite angry ‘shortcuts’ were being asked on what was officially night one of learning. It sounded more like laziness then asking a informative question. Tip Blender has never crossed my mind, but then I’m very conscious of causing as little damage as possible to clients nails. If it can dissolve plastic, what’s it going to do to a nail? It’s never going to be something in my kit!

So that was it, my first practice evening, on week 2! x


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