College Evening 4 – More Acrylic Practice

Tonight we had a change up in partners again & I was back with my original partner from week one.

It was more practice tonight of blending our tips & perfecting our apex’s. 

I’m loving the practice at the moment & how the finished product looks. The natural look we have to create is so lovely I really wish more people would consider it. Pink & whites or the French Manicure looks lovely, but nothing beats a truly natural looking nail. I know, very controversial! 

I always let my college girlies go first as I feel it gives them no pressure to complete the task we’ve been set – for instance tonight, we had to complete 2 nails in 1 1/2 hours.

I love the feeling of knowing what I’m doing, its allowed me on this course to concentrate on areas that are my weakness. I’m not great at reverse application, so it’s helped so much spending my time concentrating on that area. I really feel I’m making progress with it.

So after spending the first half of my class being worked on, it was my turn.

Although my class tutor teaches blending on the nail, I still prefer doing as much as I can to thin the tip before applying it to the client. The less work on their natural nail I always feel is better, then to over file & potentially cause damage.

After this prep work the nails looked like this.

Just to point out, the blue is actually marker pen on the nail & nothing serious! 

All the nails started like the ring finger, so you can get an impression of the before & after.

I then went on to filling to smooth out any bumps then onto a white block. This was my first experience of using one & along with my sand shark from my EZ-Flow kit I felt it did nothing to ‘remove’ the scratches left by the files, and then my partner let me in on a little secret, go against the grain! So instead of following the same direction of my files, free edge to cuticle, I use my block side wall to side wall. OMG!! I couldn’t believe it worked, finally I have cracked the problem of scratches left on the nails 😃

It meant I could then go on to finish the nail to a shiny finish, something which wasn’t required, but as I feel finishing techniques are my weakness it’s an area I want to prefect.

So these are my finished nails, I’m not as happy with these as I was last week, but overall I still love the natural look of them. My Apex was a little off & as my main aim was a shiny finish I still felt I fell short of achieving that.

Now all I need is for some additional clients, I’m determined to pass this course with a distinction, so I need practice, practice, practice! 💅


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