Diploma Nail Course Evening 3

Evening 3 of College & it was my turn for abit of practice.

I paired up with a different girl for this evening which was nice. As we are such a small group, I’m hoping to get round everyone by the time the year is out. 

It was time to practice the reverse method again and after another brief demonstration it was time to file, blend & apply 💅

My class mate for this evening had amazing fingernails, the kind I envy. Nice long nail beds, visible half moons… It really is a travesty putting enhancements on nails like this, but it’s all for learning & that’s what we sign up for.

So this is what I started with…

After applying tips & blending, I ended up with what you see below.

 After applying my liquid & powder overlay, filing & buffing out the lines, my fished result was this. Above & Below pictures.

I’m so pleased with how it turned out, especially because I struggled so much last year.

I must admit I have still been keeping up with my tip practice at home. My practice fingers also turned up this week but they are so small I’m thinking I may invest in a hand trainer. I really want to enter a few national competitions next year so will definitely need regular daily practice.

So aside from my partner then having a turn, that was it for session 3. I’m so looking forward to sculpting especially stelleto nails & with all this practice hopefully this time round I can nail it! x


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